VDR 1.5.9 - 1.7.x

No issues for this version

Version 0.5.1

- updated copy of GetClippedNumProvidedSystems to the version used since
  VDR 1.7.15 (reported by carel@vdrportal)
- fixed the code deciding if a device is in use for live TV or not. It did
  not work as expected for FF cards (reported by wtor)
- increased client side timeout for TUNE command
- more dsyslog messages to help troubleshouting channel switch issues
- improved the channel switch code trying to move live TV to different card
- make sure that a client doesn't interrupt replaying on server's FF card
  (reported by wtor)
- switching away live TV failed even when "always suspended" (reported by
  Michal Novotny)
- fixed regression: no receiver created for ES/PS/PES (reported by Gavin
- VTP no longer uses a static priority value for its server-side receivers.
  The server stores channel and priority requested with the PROV command and
  re-uses these values in a subsequent TUNE for the same channel. The new
  PRIO command is used to update the receiver's priority if necessary.
- added parameter HEIGHT to
- fixed syslog messages reporting local instead of remote IP and port
- fixed regression of the GetDevice(...) change. Filter streaming to clients
  with a recent VDR version no longer worked.
- log an error if is missing or not executable
- since VDR 1.5.0 cDevice::GetDevice(...) is no longer a query only method.
  It detaches all receivers of the device it returns. So it is no longer
  suitable for testing the availability of a device. Added a copy of VDR's
  cDevice::GetDevice(...) without the detach receivers part as a workaround
  until a better solution is available
- added dsyslog messages to help troubleshouting channel switch issues
- VTP command SUSP didn't attach the player to the primary device
- fixed incompatibilities with older make versions
- replacing a connections receiver is now an atomic operation. Solves
  stuttering audio/video due to lost TS packets when adding/removing PIDs
- disabled attribute warn_unused_result in libdvbmpeg
- slightly increased thread priorities of cStreamdevWriter/Streamer
  (suggested by Rolf Ahrenberg)
- fixed missing support for invisible channel groups (groups without name)
  in HTTP menu (reported by Timothy D. Lenz)
- don't quote actual program call in, so you can run the
  program through e.g. nice or taskset just by extending the variable
  which holds the program name
- in each mencoder audio and video codec has a dedicated
  variable for a default option string now. Still you can override each
  default option with an URL parameter
- mencoder now uses scale parameter with negative height
  instead of -xy for scaling (suggested by vel_tins@vdrportal)
- added FPS (frames per second) parameter to (suggested by
- don't use It's not available in older libstdc++ version
  (reported by Matthias Prill)
- fixed extremux x264 using value of ABR for VBR (thanks to vel_tins@vdrportal)