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11:15 PM vdr-plugin-live Revision 869ac69c: Swedish translations for LIVE.
Thank you Fredrik Olofsson <> to provide
these translations.


12:02 AM vdr-plugin-live Bug #1337 (Rejected): Problem while displaying/interpreting DVB-C channels
Thanks for the feedback
Setting to state Rejected, since it was not a LIVE bug. The original poster said, that the...
11:48 PM vdr-plugin-live Revision 6ea279a7: Removed all conditional compilation based on VDRVERSNUM. The youngest
VDRVERSNUM-check was for 10728. So all VDR versions less or equal
10728 are not supported any more now.
11:33 PM vdr-plugin-live Revision e9571821: Clean also in subdirs.
11:12 PM vdr-plugin-live Revision 2e55b6ed: Dropped i18n support for VDR versions earlier than 1.5.7.
10:53 PM vdr-plugin-live Feature #1549 (Closed): Show correct end time and progress while replaying
Thanks for your patch. I applied it to the developer git version of LIVE. It will be available soon.
Closing this ...
10:49 PM vdr-plugin-live Revision 3b052e1c: Show correct end time and progress while replaying (Patch provided by user
'zimuland' of Closes bugtracker entry #1549.
10:22 PM vdr-plugin-live Revision 31ebc4f7: Add option 'Announce via email' in searchtimer edit box. Solution and
idea came from user snoopy_1978 and closes bug entry #1341 in the
10:20 PM vdr-plugin-live Bug #1341 (Closed): epgsearch: per Mail ank√ľndigen
Added, will be in developement git version soon.
Closing ticket.
09:28 PM vdr-plugin-live Revision af54bd8b: Only VDR versions which have an APIVERSION greater than 10729 are supported fr...
This drop some conditional compilations and thus simplyfies overall maintanance.

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