09:38 PM vdr-plugin-yaepghd Revision ac9f1b88: - Incorporated another patch from Rolf, see HISTORY for changes.


11:33 PM Project Management Feature #80 (Rejected): Adding Files
I tried to add a screenshot to the "Files" section for my project but it doesn't seem to work. The filename was "hdt...
10:59 PM vdr-plugin-yaepghd Revision d5c05a02: - Renamed "themes" to "yaepghd" to follow vdr plugin naming conventions.
09:25 PM vdr-plugin-yaepghd Revision 8515014c: - Incorporated new patch from Rolf, see HISTORY for changes.
08:07 PM vdr-plugin-yaepghd Support #79: Plugin don't compile 2
Try pulling the latest git source, I added the (int) casts to the code and it compiles fine on my machine.
08:04 PM vdr-plugin-yaepghd Revision 7e91df96: - Added (int) casts for compile time error.
06:03 PM vdr-plugin-yaepghd Bug #70 (Closed): Segfault attempt to run
Glad you got it working. In regards to the font, are you sure you registered the theme font with fontconfig? There ...


12:04 AM vdr-plugin-yaepghd Bug #68 (Closed): Font licence issue
Closing for now, node has been added to README. Will remove the note if/when the font is replaced.
12:03 AM vdr-plugin-yaepghd Bug #73 (Closed): no po directory
Fixed by incorporating Rolf's patch.
11:58 PM vdr-plugin-yaepghd Revision fae9cc04: - Incorporated Rolf's patch, see HISTORY for changes.

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