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11:43 AM vdr-plugin-muggle Bug #44 (Closed): Red and green key without caption
A switch between @Music@ and @Collection navigator@ or a change of the folder level (e.g. from @Music:Rock:U2@ to @M...


04:29 PM vdr-plugin-muggle Feature #38 (New): Artist name in colletion browser
Muggle can be set up to display the Artist name in front of a track (play mode).
This setting could also be used for...
04:20 PM vdr-plugin-muggle Bug #37 (Closed): Set default collection will not set default collection
If you change the default collection, you will get the Message @Default collection now is '...'@, than you press @OK@...
01:04 PM vdr-plugin-muggle Bug #32: mugglei will not run from a linked subfolder
Now it will not work if the TopLevelDir itself is within a Symlink path.
e.g. @/var/lib/vdr_media/mp3 is a Symlink@ ...


11:26 AM VDR Streamdev Plugin Revision d437c235: Updated finnish translation against current cvs.
Finnish translation update 20060729
"Fixed" Bug
Update kindly...


06:24 PM VDR Streamdev Plugin Revision 03a836a3: Wieder mal ein Test


10:30 PM VDR Streamdev Plugin Revision c3ad1f33: *** empty log message ***
10:27 PM VDR Streamdev Plugin Revision afd35328: Finaler Test neues CommitInfo System
10:25 PM VDR Streamdev Plugin Revision e30e52bb: Finaler Test Neues CommitInfo System
10:21 PM VDR Streamdev Plugin Revision 5fcfb468: *** empty log message ***

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