The "Xeatre.TV VDR patches" project maintains a set of patches to the VDR which are used within Xeatre.TV.

Including a patch in your local GIT

The patches in the GIT repository of this project are based on the VDR Git tree maintaind by Skiller2k1 und Tadi.
(See or

The first thing you have to do, is to clone the VDR GIT tree:

git clone git://


git clone git://

Now you must add a remote reference to the patch repository:

git remote add xeatre-patches git://
git fetch xeatre-patches

To get a specific patch do:

git checkout -b <local-branch-name-for-the-patch> xeatre-patches/<remote-branch-name>


git checkout -b xeatre/patches/xeatre/1.6/configurable-recorder-bufsize xeatre-patches/patches/xeatre/1.6/configurable-recorder-bufsize

Contributing patch improvements

Follow the steps described in "Including a patch in you local GIT".

Now create a branch for your improvements on a specific patch:

git checkout -b <local-patch-improvement-branch> xeatre-patches/<remote-branch-name>


git checkout -b my-improved-patch xeatre-patches/patches/xeatre/1.6/configurable-recorder-bufsize

Now add/test/commit your improvements and finally create a patch:

git format-patch xeatre-patches/<remote-branch-name>


git format-patch xeatre-patches/patches/xeatre/1.6/configurable-recorder-bufsize

Now you can create a new issue in this projects issue tracker and attache the created patch.

Available patches


Thanks a lot to Tadi for helping me to figure out the above GIT magic!