Release 3.6.10

Added by amair over 4 years ago

  • Improved: Optimized images to reduze their size. (Submitted by Ville Skyttä)
  • Improved: Sort recordings secondarily by date when sorting by name. Makes the ordering stabler for multiple recordings with the same name. (Submitted by Olli Lammi)
  • Added: streaming of recordings folders (Submitted by Daniel Matzke).
  • Added: Hungarian translation (Submitted by István Füley).
  • Fixed LSTR when executing recording commands on VDR >= 1.7.21 (Submitted by David Rütti)
  • Updated: Italian translation (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
  • Updated: Finnish translation.

Release 3.6.9

Added by amair over 7 years ago

  • Added: Support changed SVDRP LSTR output of VDR >= 1.7.21.
  • Fixed: --log 0 command line argument.
  • Improved: Startup error messages on module load failures.
  • Added: -L/--logfile command line arg for overriding config.
  • Changed: Honor config logging options with --nofork.
  • Changed: Specifying -L or -l turns logging on.
  • Improved: Do not require pid dir when not running as daemon.
  • Improved: Autodetect default for number of DVB cards.
  • Fixed: Non-localhost streamdev URL (Bug report #653).
  • Added: Live TV streaming with Xineliboutput plugin.
  • Improved: Adapt rename recording to Liemikuutio 1.32.
  • Added: Show recording length in list and details with VDR >= 1.7.21 (Bug report #813).
  • Added: Show available subtitles in EPG/recording details.
  • Updated: German translation.

Release 3.6.8

Added by amair over 7 years ago

  • Updated: Dutch translation (Submitted by Roel Koelewijn).
  • Updated: Finnish translation (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Access logging (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: SVDRP connection error handling/logging/messages (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Default SVDRP port is 6419 in initial config if locally installed VDR is >= 1.7.15 (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Use default streamdev host from browser URL when VDR host is localhost (Ville Skyttä).
  • Improved: Allow specifying multiple local subnets (Feature #560, Ville Skyttä).

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