vdr-convert is a set of tools to accurately transcode VDR1.x and VDR2.x TV recordings, including all valid streams - video, audio (including AC3/DTS 5.1), Audio Description (AD), and DVB subtitles - into a more compressed and accessible format, while maintaining perceived quality with good compatibility. H264 and AAC are the default codecs for the main streams, but H265 is available from V2 onwards, together with most common file formats in single-use/batch modes. Standard Def (SD) recordings are reduced to anywhere from 35% - 90% of original size depending on content and compression settings. The average reduction is around 35% of original size over a range of SD recording types. The better/less noisy the content, the better the compression.

The user can leave the transcoded files in-place for use by VDR or use them with external players such as Kodi, MPC-HC, or VLC

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