WeatherForecast provides a weather forecast (who'd have thought? ;) ) based on data.


- VDR 1.7.x
- libcurl
- jansson

Installation, configuration:

To download the plugin from the GIT repository, do a

git clone git://

Install the plugin depending on your used distribution.

The plugin has no startup parameters. During first startup of the plugin
(and everytime the VDR setup parameter "" is empty)
automatically an online lookup is done to detect your location (city, longitude,
latitude) by your used public ip. The latitude and longitude results are used
by the plugin to fetch appropriate data from The city is just
used for displaying purposes.

Since allows only 1000 API calls per day for free, the results
from are cached up to 20h in


If this file does not exist on Plugin startup, a new online lookup is done anyway.

city, longitude and latitude are stored and can be adapted manually in the plugin
setup menu. f you change latitude or longitude, just delete the cached
weather.json file and restart VDR to achieve new data for the newly configured


The plugin provides three different menus: "current weather", "next 48 hours"
and "next 7 days". Additionally the plugin provides a service interface so that
skins and other plugins are able to achieve weather data from the plugin.

Even if the plugin runs with every skin, best results can be reached by using a
skindesigner skin which implements the weather plugin templates.

weather-main.jpg (747 KB) louis, 01/15/2015 02:19 PM

weather-main-next7days.jpg (763 KB) louis, 01/15/2015 02:19 PM

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