New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.3.0

Added by etobi over 7 years ago

The changes:

  • Removed obsolete (unused since 0.2.0) setup options: DVB Source Selection,
    Live Delay, Record Subtitles, and Workaround for some French chns.
  • Added hard-coded workaround for french channels where page numbes 850-859
    must be mapped to 880-889 (Closes #865, #703) (Thx to Jussi Tepponen)
  • Some code refactorings
  • Adapt to VDR 1.7.26 API changes.
  • Updated patch for VDR 1.7.38
  • Sync subtitles using PTS (Closes #119) (Thx to Matti Horila and Dimitar Petrovski)
  • Added option for setting the left/center/right justification of subtitles
    (Closes #957) (Thx to Jussi Tepponen)
  • Enable teletext subtitles in VDR patch by default (Closes #819)

New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.2.4 (4 comments)

Added by etobi almost 9 years ago

The changes:

  • Updated patch for VDR 1.7.21 (Closes #745)

    !!! With this release the channels.conf format has changed !!!
    !!! You may need to manually update your channels.conf !!!

    With VDR 1.7.21 the subtitle PIDs are stored in the channels.conf as an
    extension to the teletext PID (see vdr.5 for details).

    This change made it neccessary to change the extension of the tpid in
    channels.conf used by the ttxtsubs patch:

    old: ...:201;150=deu,151=fin:...
    new ...:201+150=deu,151=fin;2001,2002:...

    ...where 201 is the TPID, 150 and 151 are the teletext pages for the
    German and Finnish teletext subtitles and 2001,2002 are the DVB
    subtitle PIDs.

New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.2.3

Added by etobi almost 9 years ago

The changes:
  • Made changes in font settings be applied instantly, without the need to
    change the channel (patch provided by Rolf Ahrenberg)
  • Converted *.po to UTF-8
  • Updated patch for VDR 1.7.20 (Closes #689)
  • Don't log all page info received from VDR (Closes #331)
  • Show subtitles with backround rectangle, if outline width is < 2
    (patch provided by Mike Lampard) (Closes #247)

New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.2.2

Added by etobi about 10 years ago

The changes:
  • Fixed channel retune triggering in VDR patch and updated patch to 1.7.14
    (Dropped 1.7.12 and 1.7.13 patch)
  • Got rid of the backround thread
  • Fixed live TV subtitles on FF cards, where there is no transfer mode
  • Updated README and TROUBLESHOOTING (Closes #323)
  • Increased internal frame buffer and log buffer overflows (Closes #295)

New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.2.1 (1 comment)

Added by etobi over 10 years ago

The changes:
  • Added Estonian translation by Arthur Konovalov (Closes #271)
  • Finnish translation updated by Rolf Ahrenberg
  • Trigger OSD update when an empty page is sent (making the previous subtitle
    disappear) (Closes #275)
  • French translation updated by Michaël Nival (Closes #278)
  • Makefile adjustments for VDR 1.7.13.
  • Fixed text rendering to not cut off bottom part (Closes #276)
  • Italian translation update by Diego Pierotto (Closes #283)
  • Added patch for VDR 1.7.13 (Closes #284)

New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.2.0 (2 comments)

Added by etobi over 10 years ago

The changes:
  • Add Ukrainian translation by Yarema aka Knedlyk (Closes #130)
  • Some code refactoring
  • Major VDR patch update for 1.7.12 (Closes #236, References #139)) - The patch
    now covers the following changes to VDR:
    - Record teletext subtitles
    - Added setup option to enable teletext subtitle recording
    - Allow configuration of fixed teletetxt subtitle pages
    - Capture teletext subtitle pages from PMT
    - Pass teletext date ttxtsubs plugin
    Special Thx to Rolf Ahrenberg!
  • Fixed replay when the current live ttxtsubs page differs from the
    one in the recording - Thx to Rolf Ahrenberg (Closes #139)
  • Show colored subtitles if color information is provided e.g. for
    different speakers and dropped custom color settings (Closes #61)
  • Position subtitles always centered at the bottom, independent of the
    OSD resolution and dropped custom text position settings (Closes #231)
  • Render subtitles outlined (Closes #51)
  • Decrypt encrypted teletext stream (Closes #241)
  • Don't redisplay unchanged subtitle pages

New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.1.0 (1 comment)

Added by etobi about 11 years ago

This is the first version with support for the VDR 1.7.x development branch. VDR versions older than VDR 1.7.6 are not supported anymore!
Major credits go to Rolf Ahrenberg! Thanks a lot!

The changes:

  • Updated VDR patch and plugin to VDR 1.7.6 with support for the TS recording
    format and added separate delay setting for TS recordings.
    Credits go to Rolf Ahrenberg - Thanks a lot!
  • Silence compiler warning about unchecked read return value.
    (thx to Rolf Ahrenberg)
  • After replaying, reset the last channel variable and trigger a channel switch
    to reinitialize the live ttxtsubs display. (thx to Rolf Ahrenberg)
  • Removed unused local copy of vdrttxtsubshooks.c|h

New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.0.8

Added by etobi over 11 years ago

The changes:

  • Updated Italien translation provided by Diego Pierotto
  • Updated Russian translation provided by Oleg Roitburd (Closes #47)
  • Fixed displaying of multiple rows when antialiasing is enabled by aquiring a single OSD area for all rows - Thx to Rolf Ahrenberg (Closes #24)

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