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Manager: scop, TomG

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Text2skin plugin 1.3.2 released
Added by scop over 5 years ago

Text2skin plugin 1.3.1 released
Added by TomG almost 7 years ago

Text2skin plugin 1.3 released (19 comments)
This is a *developer* version to test the new features. Most of the existing skins should work without changes. Skins that use fonts other than VDR's standard fonts "Osd", "Fix", and "Sml" need to be adapted (see below for details).
Added by TomG over 7 years ago

Text2skin plugin 1.2 released (10 comments)
Added by TomG almost 8 years ago

Repository with all releases of the plugin (5 comments)
All releases as tags. Rewritten master branch to include older releases. Please, make a new clone of the repository.
Added by TomG almost 8 years ago

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