OSD-PiP plugin 0.1.1 released

Added by etobi about 8 years ago


  • Fixed compile error with newer ffmpeg versions >= svn 20100426 (closes #345)
  • Replaced deprected ffmpeg calls (Patch provided by mnival) (closes #690)
  • Updated french translation (Patch provided by mnival) (closes #691)
  • Avoid segfault at stop replay with keystroke '0' (Patch provided by
    Andreas Brachold) (closes

OSD-PiP plugin 0.1.0 released (1 comment)

Added by TomG about 10 years ago


- Moved to as community maintained project using a GIT repository
- Committed old releases to the GIT repository
- Updated project homepage url in README
- Updated FSF address in the license information
- Added support for VDR >= 1.7.13 (
- Use pkg-config to find compilation flags, libs etc for ffmpeg
- Fixed ffmpeg compatibility issues with newer ffmpeg versions
- Improved copyright and license information in the header of all source files


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