muggle plugin 0.2.3 released

Added by wrohdewald over 11 years ago

  • last version broke importing from setup menu
  • Lyrics now work with Googlyrics2. Please use Googlyrics2 post beta3, the beta3 version only handles ascii text
  • if several versions of lyrics for a song are found, it is now possible to choose among them.
  • Lyrics: rewrite the shell script muggle_getlyrics in python and talk directly to the Googlyrics2 python code
  • load images: fix buggy error handling (reported in by stevie101)
  • Lyrics: Fix bug #52: line split could split within 2byte unicode char. Now removed this code from C++ and put it into the python script muggle_getlyrics.
  • Lyrics: when calling "mv" to rename a file make sure mv never gets interactive
  • muggle-image-convert produces less output if needed programs are not installed
  • When loading lyrics, do not show just empty text but the line "loading lyrics from the internet"

muggle plugin 0.2.2 released

Added by wrohdewald over 11 years ago


  • when showing covers as bitmaps, honour the image show duration from setup
  • after changing into lyrics mode, the lyrics for the first song were not
    automatically loaded from the internet
  • fix image modes TV and Black: They also showed the cover image
  • add italian translation, contributed by Diego Pierotto
  • fix off by one error when selecting tracks in play mode by using number keys,
    found by Thomas Balke
  • DisplayMode is now configurable, found by Thomas Balke. This defines between
    how many different types of information the first line toggles in the player.
  • README.mysql was incomplete
  • Mysql only: Fix order of insertion into empty playlist. Found by Thomas
  • update README.* about MySQL with utf8
  • importing subdirectories with mugglei: sorting by folder did not work for
    those tracks. Found by Thomas Balke.
  • fix bug #32 reported by Anonymous: mugglei will not run from a linked subfolder
  • when checking if we are in or under the top level dictory, no longer translate
    current path to realpath - always go through all symlinks. Fixes bug fix for
    bug #32, reported by Thomas. Hoping this does not break other configurations.
  • when destroying the OSD object, save muggle state. Fixes bug #37 reported by
  • updated translations by Ville Skytt√§ and Diego Pierotto

    Also available in: Atom