imonlcd is a plugin for the Video Disc Recorder and shows information about the current state of VDR on iMON LCD.

Install LIRC kernel module lirc_imon:

You need installed kernel module lirc_imon installed to use the iMon LCD. This module are provided by LIRC (which will also allow you to use the IR receiver that is built into the screen). From 2.6.36 all lirc kernel drivers are already included in the linux kernel. But kernel module lirc_imon has now a new kernel module-name imon. For recent kernels please use lirc-0.9.0 or newer which is only compatible with the in-kernel drivers.

Other software like LCDproc should not be used, it could locking the device access.

Install LIRC

Version 0.8.7 or newer of LIRC is required for support of the iMON LCD. For a current CVS version you need to have the CVS client installed and then you can issue the following commands:

  #> cvs login
  #> cvs -z8 co lirc
  #> cd lirc
  #> ./
  #> ./

If you have any errors at this point, make sure you've installed all the prerequisite build tools. At this you'll be at the "setup" menu for LIRC. You'll need to choose "Driver Configuration" then

  "USB Devices" then "Soundgraph iMON IR/LCD". 

Choose OK, then "Save configuration & run configure" to run the configure script. Once that finishes, run the following commands to install the modules:

  #> make
  #> make install
  #> modprobe lirc_imon # only older kernel prior 2.6.36
  #> modprobe imon # use this on newer kernel-releases like 2.6.36

At this point, you've got LIRC installed, and you might like to take some time to set up your remote (if you've got one).
That step is outside the scope of these instructions, so I'll just skip that and move on to install vdr-plugin-imonlcd now.

Draft of assignment of states to display

Install vdr-plugin-imonlcd:

Unpack the vdr-plugin-imonlcd tarball to $VDRSOURCE/PLUGINS/src directory.
Variable $VDRSOURCE stands for a directory, where source archive of VDR package was be decompressed.

  #> tar -xzvf vdr-imonlcd-0.0.1.tgz
  #> ln -s imonlcd-0.0.1 imon

Compile the plugin (from VDR's source directory)

Change the working directory to VDR source root and compile this plugin like all other VDR plugins.

  #> cd $VDRSOURCE
  #> make plugins

After everything has been compiled without errors, copy the plugin to their target directory.

  #> make install

Check follow requirements

  • kernel module is loaded (lirc_imon or imon)
  • /dev/lcd0 still exits
  • /dev/lcd0 are writable

To determine need protocol to communicate with liquid crystal display, known values

  • 0038 - For LCD with ID 15c2:0038 SoundGraph Inc (default)
  • ffdc - For LCD with ID 15c2:ffdc SoundGraph Inc

It should be noted that Vacuum fluorescent display (16x2 character text-only) with same id 15c2:ffdc will not be supported.

  #> lsusb | grep 15c2
  Bus 002 Device 002: ID 15c2:0038 SoundGraph Inc. 
or by udev
  #> udevinfo -a -n /dev/lcd0 \
  | grep -2 'ATTRS{idVendor}=="15c2"' \
  | grep ATTRS{idProduct} | cut -d '=' -f 3

Start VDR with the plugin.

You have to specify the device and protocol of your display in the config file on the command line.
Possible options are:

     -d DEV,   --device=DEV      sets the lcd-device to other device than /dev/lcd0
     -p MODE,  --protocol=MODE   sets the protocol of lcd-device
                          0038 - For LCD with ID 15c2:0038 SoundGraph Inc (default)
                          ffdc - For LCD with ID 15c2:ffdc SoundGraph Inc

     vdr -P'imonlcd'
     vdr -P'imonlcd -d /dev/lcd0 -p ffdc'

Direct access to developer sources

Git-Repository (read only):

     git clone git://

Workaround if display powerup after shutdown

On some mainboard the backlight of imon-display goes on after shutdown :