Release 1.2.4

Added by amair over 7 years ago

Changes since release 1.2.3:
  • [amair] Reduced delay when opening the recordings menu if "menu category" feature is used.

Release 1.2.3

Added by amair over 7 years ago

Changes since release 1.2.2:
  • [amair] Fixed crashes that happened if a skin used the "menu category" feature. (Submitted by The Chief
  • [amair] GoLastReplayed and ReturnToPlugin now work as expected.
  • [amair] Add support for VDR v2.1.2+ (Submitted by TheChief
  • [amair] Fixed "level" for menu items (Patch by TomJoad
  • [amair] Display folders on top of recordings list when using descending sorting.
  • [amair] Display the root video folder again when opening ExtRecMenu (closes #1447).
  • [karim.afifi] Updated French translation.
  • [amair] Fix recording list problems with some recording names.
  • [amair] Set menu category in VDR >= 1.7.28 (Closes #1110).
  • [amair] Close replay OSD before starting cutter so that marks are saved to disk (submitted by mini73
  • [amair] Always use VDR's cutting feature in VDR >=1.7.32.
  • [amair] Reduced calls to get the free disk space.
  • [amair] Use new MBperMinute() function in VDR >=1.7.27.
  • [amair] Fixed compiling with VDR 1.7.28.

Release 1.2.2

Added by amair over 9 years ago

Changes since release 1.2.1:
  • [amair] Updated Italian translation (Submitted by Gringo) (Closes #673).
  • [amair] Don't show recordings menu if replay is stopped using kStop (Closes #934).
  • [amair] Accept kPlay to start replay in recordings menu (Closes #936).
  • [amair] Don't use deprecated member access (introduced in VDR 1.7.21).
  • [amair] Changed UniqID() (Fixes #728).
  • [amair] Fix prio/lifetime editing for TS recordings for VDR 1.7.18+.
  • [amair] "Call plugin after playback" option now is used also if a recording has been watch to its end.

Release 1.2.1 (16 comments)

Added by amair almost 11 years ago

Changes since release 1.2:
  • [amair] Reducing I/O priority for cut/move thread (if VDR >= 1.7.6 is used).
  • [amair] Fixed counting of hidden recordings if PIN plugin is used (Bug #421).
  • [amair] Change default view for recordings menu to match VDR's recordings menu.
  • [amair] "Call plugin after playback" option only changes BACK/EXIT key, BLUE key always jumps to LiveTV (suggested by Brougs78
  • [amair] Ignore comments in dircmds.conf (Submitted by TomG
  • [amair] Updated Spanish translation (See #616).
  • [sibbi] Added ability to configure items that should be shown in recording list.
  • [amair] Merged following changes from v1.3-devel head (Submitted by Joe_D
    - [amair] Lifetime and priority for TS recordings can be edited again.
    - [amair] Use international characters for renaming recordings and creating directories like VDR.
    - [amair] Updated Italian translation (Submitted by Diego Pierotto).
    - [amair] Enable support for PIN plugin if USE_PINPLUGIN is set to "1" in Make.config.
    - [amair] Reorganiced contrib directory.
    - [amair] Fixed compiler warnings and errors.
    - [amair] Optinally use VDR's cutting feature (Submitted by Helmut Auer) (Must be enabled by defining EXTRECMENU_USE_VDR_CUTTER as it has some usability issues).
    - [amair] Added HDD archive feature (Submitted by Carsten Siebholz).
    - [amair] Updated VDRSymbols font to version 20100612.
    - [amair] Included Rating patch (Submitted by Carsten Siebholz).
    - [amair] Remove obsolete i18n files and scripts.
  • [amair] Require at least VDR v1.6.0 or v1.7.14.

Release 1.2 (1 comment)

Added by amair over 11 years ago

Changes since release 1.1:

  • New project homepage at and new maintainers.
  • Includes patches 1.2-test1-am1 1.2-test1-am3 by amair @
    - Support new reccmds.conf file as introduced in VDR v1.7.12.
    - Edit lifetime and priority only for PES recordings.
    - include
    - fixed PES cutting using cutting queue (Reported by tomas
    - fixed some gcc warnings and errors (Based on suggestions by Zzam
    - Fixed access to 001.vdr/00001.ts and index.vdr/index (Length in recordings list works again).
    - Adapt cutter thread to VDR v1.7.3.
    - fixed wrong help keys if selected recording finishes cutting.
    - plugins/extrecmenu/dircmds.conf for recording directory commands (same as reccmds.conf)
    - "nice" the action thread.
    - Use LimitBandwidth setting also for cutting.
  • Is based on Version 1.2-test1 (Martin Prochnow's "final" release):
    - added italian translation; thanks to Diego
    - added support for GraphTFT-plugin; thanks to Jörg Wendel for the patch
    - added support for true type fonts and UTF-8; thanks to Andreas Mair for the true type font and the patch
    - removed patch font routine because it is useless now
    - added true type font containing the needed icons
    - changed i18n support to gettext

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