This is a "plugin" for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

Written by: Jörg Wendel (vdr at jwendel dot de)

Latest version at:

See the file COPYING for license information.


- VDR 1.7.27+     (since it use the EPG handler interface)
- libmysql >= 5.07
- uuid-dev

Ubuntu (12.10):
- libmysqlclient-dev libmysqlclient18
- uuid-dev


This plugin is used to retrieve EPG data into the VDR. The EPG data
was loaded from a mysql database.

Setup Menu:

Log level
Logging level 0-4 { Errors, Infos, ..., Debug, ... }
Updatetime (hours)
Perform automatic update (default: 2 hours)
Show In Main Menu
Shows entry in main menu to perform update manually
MySQL Host
IP of mySQL Server
Blacklist not configured Channels
Blacklist (like noepg-plug) all channels which not listst in the channelmap table

Get the source from git:

get the source - probably done, when you reading this locally:
git clone

update the source:
cd /to/your/source/epg2vdr
git pull

throwing away local changes and update to latest source:
cd /to/your/source/epg2vdr
git checkout -f master
git reset --hard
git pull

setup.conf (put the IP of your mySQL server):

epg2vdr.UpdateTime = 2
epg2vdr.ShowInMainMenu = 1
epg2vdr.Blacklist = 1
epg2vdr.LogLevel = 1
epg2vdr.DbHost =
epg2vdr.DbName = epg2vdr
epg2vdr.DbUser = epg2vdr
epg2vdr.DbPass = epg

SVDRP Commands:

The plugin provides SVDRP commands to control the plugin via command line or
shell scripts.
RELOAD      - Drop the whiole EPG and reload all events from the database
UPDATE - Trigger a update to load all new events from database


- Patch the VDR. Patches found in patches/ since vdr 1.7.27.
For Versions after 1.7.31 you need only the epghandler-segment-transfer.patch
Sinve VDR 2.1.1 no patch is needed!

- Unpack the package into "PLUGINS/src" directory.
- Call "make plugins" in the VDR root directory.
- Start vdr with plugin epg2vdr (-Pepg2vdr) the database must running already

Create database and user:

already done when the epgd was installed!


- Don't load the epgtableid0 (epgtableid0 disables VDRs new EPG handler interface)
- Don't load the noepg plugin
(best you don't load any other epg manipulating plugin or patch if you not shure how they work together ;))