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iStreamdev lets you live stream your TV channels & recordings from VDR and all your Video & Music files to your iPhone.
Your Iphone don't needs to be jailbroken, it uses native iphone Quicktime player.
Your iPhone needs at least firmware 3.0 to support HTTP Live Streaming protocol.

TV, recordings & video files are rencoded in mpeg2 TS stream with H264 video and mp3 audio.
Audio files are streamed to their native formats. So only mp3, aac & wave are supported.


  • 100% webapp compatible user interface using jQtouch framework ( )
  • Full Ajax/Json client/server communication using JQuery ( )
  • Channel selection throught categories
  • Channels listed with logo and current epg.
  • Streaming format selection: Edge, 3g, Wifi
  • Recording streaming: Access your vdr recordings with epg.
  • Timers support: Add/Edit/Delete/Activate/Deactivate timers.
  • Video files support: Stream to all your video files ( avi, mkv, mov, etc ) to your Iphone. If you have a movie.tbn poster.jpg or folder.jpg file in the same folder as the video file, it will display it as thumbnail. If there's no picture, it will generate a thumbnail from the video.
  • Music files support: Stream all your mp3/aac/wav files with dynamic playlist support.
  • Electronic Program Guide.


First time you use istreamdev, add it to your iPhone using Favorites menu & launch it in fullscreen mode as a normal Appstore app.


Select a channels category, then a channel.
Select your stream mode: Edge , 3g or Wifi. The Play icon
will appear automatically after few seconds when the feed is
This is the same for recordings and videos files.
To Stop the stream server, hit Stop stream button.

Video thumbnails:
iStreamdev takes videoname.tbn , poster.jpg or folder.jpg file ( from xbmc export library ) as thumbnail source, or grab a picture in the video stream if there's not.

Channel logos:
Put your 80x80 png logos in logos/ folder. They needs to have the same name/caps as your channels.conf If a channel have a / character in the name, replace it by _ ( cf RTL/TELEVISION > RTL_TELEVISION.png )

iStreamdev generate a playlist from the requested file to the last file of the folder. Then you can listen next track easily. To play an entire album, just launch the first track.

What you need:

- an http server with PHP5 ( PHP 5 >= 5.2.0 ) enabled like apache or lighthttpd
- for some php installation you need to install php5-json & php5-zlib extension.
- ffmpeg compiled with libx264 and libmp3lame support
- segmenter: