vdr-convert: vdr-convert released (2 comments)

Added by keynet over 5 years ago

A shell script with associated tools to transcode the content of VDR1.x and VDR2.x recordings as accurately as possible, including all streams, audio, AD, subtitles, and metadata into more compressed format, while maintaining perceived quality. H264 and AAC are the chosen codecs for the main streams. SD recordings are reduced to anywhere from 35% - 90% of original size depending on content and compression settings. On average, you can expect to save 1/3 of the disk space used for SD recordings.

This tool is possibly the only tool capable of converting old VDR1.x recordings into VDR2 compatible .ts files with dvb subtitles playable on VDR2 and 3rd party players such as Kodi, MPC-HC and VLC.

See comprehensive wiki and files in Git repository

vdr-plugin-burn: burn-0.3.0 has been released (4 comments)

Added by FireFly about 6 years ago

This release contains the following enhancments and bugfixes since 0.2.2:

- removed compatibility code of VDR < 2.0 - burn now requires VDR 2.0.0 or higher
- removed test directory
- fixed display of pmtPid (thanks to lhanisch, bug #1285)
- added support for RESDIR: resources are now automatically installed into RESDIR
- added description to README and patch file for mplex to avoid abort if only a few "buffer underruns" are detected (feature #1324)
- prefixed TMPDIR, DVDDEV and ISODIR in Makefile by BURN_ to avoid problems with other plugins
- README updated
- fixed warnings for po files
- fixed gdwrapper warning
- added support for cVideoDirectory of VDR 2.1.2+
- replace requant with m2vrequant (feature #1673 by anonymous)
- added 50-burn.conf for conf.d mechanism
- added support for VDR 2.3.1

VDR client for Motorola VIP: Release 0.27

Added by tv-user over 6 years ago

New version with lots of changes and updates.
  • Finnish translation by Tomas Nybondas
  • Weather info from
  • News from (nl), (en/de), (en/de)

See history file for more details.

VDR Skin flatPlus: Version 0.5.1

Added by Martin1234 over 7 years ago

2015-02-14: Version 0.5.1
- [fix] topbar number recordings
- [fix] recording menu, total count size
- [fix] timer widget
- [fix] only draw widgets if enabled
- [fix] stop dimm on pause when jump between marks
- [fix] weather widget update_weather.php - config file path
- [fix] subtitles does not use title
- [update] timer widget
new options to select which timer to show (recording, active)
- [update] timer widget
remote timer support. If you have remote timers installed and activate it in setup you'll get local timer with 'L' and remote timer with 'R'.
Remote timers will be refreshed every 30 minutes. Every refresh cost several seconds when opening main menu.
You can adjust the time with the hidden setting 'MainMenuWidgetActiveTimerShowRemoteRefreshTime' in setup.conf
- [update] add 15:11 aspect in displaychannel and replay
- [update] disk usage icons with 16 sections instead of 8
- [update] widgets: system_information.g2v, temperatures.g2v, temperatures.default
- [update] widgets: weather text size of temperature in long view
- [add] support for message text with parse tilde and extra text color
- [add] provide support for new SetMenuSortMode function, to show sort in menus
- [add] recording menu, progressbar icon to show how much seen from the recording
- [add] option to allways show date in schedule menu. 'Plugin settings' -> 'Menu settings' -> 'Menu event view allways with date'

VDR client for Motorola VIP: Release 0.26

Added by tv-user over 7 years ago

New version with lots of changes and updates.

  • Skinning, CSS styling (<menu> <1> <blue> changes skin, restart script needed)
  • (For Easyvdr & SmartWebTV plugin) Menu + red send Server Power Down. (Define it in vdr's 'commands.conf')

See history file for more details.

VDR Skin flatPlus: Version 0.5.0 (1 comment)

Added by Martin1234 over 7 years ago

2014-12-04: Version 0.5.0
- [fix] femon receiver - do not get data from previous channel
- [fix] display replay jump text position
- [add] main menu widgets
- there are several widgets that can be displayed in the main menu
- Widget weather
- Widget dvb devices
- Widget active timer
- Widget timer conflicts
- Widget last recordings
- Widget system information
- Widget system updates
- Widget temperatures
- Widget custom command
- please see the example scripts and README-files
- [add] weather widget in channelinfo and replayinfo
- [add] option Weather widget font size
- [add] poster/banner image in replay info
- [add] dimm on pause feature
you can set a timeout and the opaque value. If You press pause while replaying the display will be dimmed after the timeout
- [update] default themes
- background transparency slightly reduced
- use color palette of android material design
- default accent color is "Light Blue"
- add more default themes: DeepOrange, DeepPurple, Indigo, Red, Teal
- [update] icons
- update many icons with android material design icons
- [update] MV-Themes
- see MV_Themes.HISTORY
- [update] display replay, in mode only only show small version
- [update] remove fonts from contrib folder
they waste to much space, if you need them, grab it from previous version
- [update] Makefile
new variable SKINFLATPLUS_WIDGETDIR for specify the path to the widgets


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