vdr-plugin-ttxtsubs: New VDR Teletext Subtitles plug-in release 0.1.0 (1 comment)

Added by etobi almost 12 years ago

This is the first version with support for the VDR 1.7.x development branch. VDR versions older than VDR 1.7.6 are not supported anymore!
Major credits go to Rolf Ahrenberg! Thanks a lot!

The changes:

  • Updated VDR patch and plugin to VDR 1.7.6 with support for the TS recording
    format and added separate delay setting for TS recordings.
    Credits go to Rolf Ahrenberg - Thanks a lot!
  • Silence compiler warning about unchecked read return value.
    (thx to Rolf Ahrenberg)
  • After replaying, reset the last channel variable and trigger a channel switch
    to reinitialize the live ttxtsubs display. (thx to Rolf Ahrenberg)
  • Removed unused local copy of vdrttxtsubshooks.c|h

VDR LCDproc Plugin: Lcdproc plug-in 0.0.10-jw7 released

Added by Joe_D almost 12 years ago


vdr-channels.conf: Script released

Added by HelAu almost 12 years ago

Das Script holt aus dem VDR-Wiki alle verfuegbaren channels.conf Dateien.
Es ist in erster Linie gedacht fuer Distributionsentwickler welche einige Kanallisten den Benutzern anbieten moechten.

vdr-plugin-muggle: muggle plugin 0.2.3 released

Added by wrohdewald about 12 years ago

  • last version broke importing from setup menu
  • Lyrics now work with Googlyrics2. Please use Googlyrics2 post beta3, the beta3 version only handles ascii text
  • if several versions of lyrics for a song are found, it is now possible to choose among them.
  • Lyrics: rewrite the shell script muggle_getlyrics in python and talk directly to the Googlyrics2 python code
  • load images: fix buggy error handling (reported in by stevie101)
  • Lyrics: Fix bug #52: line split could split within 2byte unicode char. Now removed this code from C++ and put it into the python script muggle_getlyrics.
  • Lyrics: when calling "mv" to rename a file make sure mv never gets interactive
  • muggle-image-convert produces less output if needed programs are not installed
  • When loading lyrics, do not show just empty text but the line "loading lyrics from the internet"

vdr-plugin-osdteletext: OSDTeletext plug-in 0.8.0 released (1 comment)

Added by etobi about 12 years ago


  • Added Portuguese translation provided by Chris Silva
  • Updated Italian translation by Davide Cavalca
  • Removed the "OSD" from the main menu entry as suggested by Davide Cavalca
  • Added Ukrainian translation provided by Yarema P. aka Knedlyk
  • Removed obsolete options -R and -r
  • Remove remnants of VDR < 1.6 support
  • Updated Russian translation provided by Oleg Roitburd (Closes #46)
  • Improved error handling
  • Background toggling now allows to switch between black, the configured
    background transparency and full transparency as suggested by
    Walter K. (Closes #41)
  • Removed the OSDTELETEXT_REINSERTION_PATCH (dead code)
  • Removed timingdebug code
  • Merged class ChannelStatus into cTxtStatus and changed the code that
    detects, if the current live channel has been changed and the
    OsdTeletext receiver needs to switch to the new channel as well
  • Updated French translation provided by Nival Michaël (Closes #56)

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