vdr-plugin-live: Some bug fixes for LIVE

Added by tadi over 11 years ago

Due to some bug reports on the german site there have been some recent changes in the LIVE plugin:

  • Fix for build error when tntnet-config reports a version which contains the string 'pre'.
  • Fix for the no longer supported vlc.log object in the 1.0 series of the firefox vlc plugin.
  • Reduced the effect a workaround for a bug in has on the displaying of EPG images.

More details can be found in the Git commit messages.

I consider this Git version of LIVE stable enough to be used in VDR/LINUX distributions.

Project Management: downtimes

Added by etobi over 11 years ago

During the last weeks the high load produced by scripts / spiders or whatever sometimes caused the MySQL server to run out of memory and shut down. Only the project management site was affected, not the GIT repositories.

I did some package upgrades and after an uptime of 275 days, needed to reboot the server.

As soon as the problem with the MySQL server happens again, I will probably replace it.

If you experience any problems with, please drop me a mail (projects<AT>e-tobi<DOT>net)

vdr-plugin-imonlcd: Release 0.0.2

Added by anbr over 11 years ago

A new release of vdr-plugin-imonlcd

More details at:

Core feature:

  • native integration, to show VDR states
  • use freetype fonts
  • UTF-8 support


  • italian translation provided by Diego Pierotto (Feature #126)
  • new svdrp commands
  • 'ICON' - force state of icon.
  • 'ON','OFF' - enable/disable display (Request #128)
  • new options on exit
  • Show next timer (Feature #124)
  • set timer as wakeup time and showing clock.
  • render current OSD state (menu/message)
  • add workaround for a older libfreetype bug

vdr-plugin-text2skin: Text2skin plugin 1.2 released (10 comments)

Added by TomG over 11 years ago


  • Moved to as community maintained project using a GIT archive
  • adopted to newer VDR >= 1.3.38
  • fixed possible buffer overflow in xml reading
  • Fix build with gcc 4.3's cleaned up C++ headers
  • Make compatible with VDR >= 1.5.4
  • Added gettext support (VDR >= 1.5.7)
    The skins have to be patched, too. The patches for DeepBlue, Enigma and
    enElchi are ready for download from
    To patch other skins the Makefile from these patches could be used
    without any changes, missing translation entries should be added to the
    *.skin file (e.g. as comments <!-- trans('Volume') -->)
  • Fix font problems with libfreetype6 >= 2.2.1
  • Replaced 'uint64' with 'uint64_t' to avoid problems on 64-bit machines
  • Quick fix for VDR >= 1.7.3
  • Use pkg-config
  • Convert docs to UTF-8
  • Updated project homepage url in README

vdr-plugin-osdteletext: OSDTeletext plug-in 0.8.2 released (4 comments)

Added by etobi almost 12 years ago


  • More refactoring of the TxtStatus class (Thx to Sören Moch!)
  • Install plug-in to lib dir with --remove-destination as suggested
    by Christian Wieninger (Closes #57)
  • If background is configured to completely black or transparent,
    toggle between black and transparent only.
  • Updated Italian translation provided by Diego Pierotto (Closes #60)
  • Fixed problems with VDR >= 1.7.3 (not all teletext pages accessible,
    4 GByte VTX files)
  • Removed unnecessary DVBDIR from Makefile

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