vdr: VDR developer version 2.3.2

Added by tadi over 1 year ago


This is a developer version. Even though I use it in my productive
environment, I strongly recommend that you only use it under controlled
conditions and for testing and debugging.

From the HISTORY file:

Version 2.3.2

  • Fixed a crash when deleting a recording (reported by Oliver Endriss).
  • Fixed an overflow of PIDs in a receiver (thanks to Robert Hannebauer).
  • Updated the Italian OSD texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
  • Fixed initializing device specific parameters in cDvbTransponderParameters.
  • The function SetCurrentChannel(const cChannel *Channel) is now deprecated and
    may be removed in a future version. Use SetCurrentChannel(int ChannelNumber)
  • The SVDRP command DELC now refuses to delete the very last channel in the list,
    to avoid ending up with an empty channel list.
  • The cRwLock class now allows nested read locks within a write lock from the
    same thread. This fixes possible crashes when moving or deleting channels in
    the menu or through SVDRP (as well as other operations that try to acquire a
    read lock within a write lock).
  • Fixed a crash when trying to delete a channel that is being used by a timer.
  • Fixed setting the current item and counter values in the Recordings menu after
    deleting the last recording in a subfolder.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a recording that is currently being replayed.
  • Fixed a crash when moving a recording to a folder on a different volume.
    The cRecordingsHandler now performs its actual operations in a separate thread,
    thus avoiding locking problems and reducing the time between subsequent
  • Added a note to the description of cFont::Size(), regarding possible differences
    between it and cFont::Height() (suggested to Thomas Reufer).
  • Made the cPlayer member functions FramesPerSecond, GetIndex and GetReplayMode
    'const' (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
  • Fixed resuming replay at a given position, which was off by one frame (thanks
    to Thomas Reufer).
  • Improved handling frame numbers to have a smoother progress display during
    replay of recordings with B-frames (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
  • Fixed replaying recordings to their very end, if they don't end with an I-frame
    (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
  • Implemented a frame parser for H.265 (HEVC) recordings (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
  • Added cFont::Width(void) to get the default character width and allow stretched
    font drawing in high level OSDs (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
  • Fixed regenerating the index of audio recordings (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
  • Fixed building VDR with systemd >= 230 (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
  • Sorted sources.conf by continous azimuth (thanks to Lucian Muresan).
  • Added 'S58.5E Kazsat 3' to sources.conf (thanks to Aitugan Sarbassov).
  • Fixed truncated date/time strings in the skins on multi-byte UTF-8 systems
    (reported by Sergey Chernyavskiy).
  • Updated the Estonian OSD texts (thanks to Arthur Konovalov).
  • Added a 'const' version of cTimers::GetTimer() (thanks to Lars Hanisch).
  • Fixed a typo in the description of cTimers::GetTimersRead() (thanks to Lars
  • Fixed a possible buffer overflow in handling CA descriptors (suggested by
    Lars Hanisch).
  • Avoiding some duplicate code and unnecessary work in nit.c (thanks to Ville
  • Added support for the systemd watchdog (thanks to Marc Perrudin),
  • Added a short sleep to cTSBuffer::Action() to avoid high CPU usage (thanks to
    Sergey Chernyavskiy).

VDR Skin flatPlus: Version 0.6.0

Added by Martin1234 over 1 year ago

2016-09-05: Version 0.6.0
- [fix] eMenuSortMode in displaymenu.h for compile with VDR < 2.2.0
- [fix] position of widgets in main menu (add menu item border size)
- [fix] wrong epg logo in epgsearch eventsview
- [fix] remove show bitrate of audio and video in displaychannel
- [fix] rename plugin-icon yaepghg to yaepghd
- [fix] uninitialized pointer in displayrecoding (crash in plex-plugin and others) (thanks chriszero)
- [fix] recordings name in recording menu (thanks to Delekhan @
- [fix] dvb widget - discard not used and discard unknown
- [fix] display replay - progressbar if there are no marks
- [update] default themes
inverted style, selected item fore color is now back color
- [update] disk usage icons with 32 sections instead of 16, thanks to MegaV0lt
- [update] ac3 logo > dolby digital logo (thanks to MegaV0lt)
[update] README, fix logo folder, add 3PO logo pack
- [update] translation (thanks to MegaV0lt)
- [update] MV-Themes
- [update] timers widget - sort timers by time
- [update] system information widget - update system_information.g2v
- [update] temperature widget - update temperatures.g2v
- [add] support for vdr-2.3.1
- [add] displaychannel - dvbapi info
you need oscam min rev 10653 and dvbapi min commit 85da7b2
- [add] add italian translation (thanks to fiveten_59)
- [add] option MenuItemRecordingSeenTreshold to set the treshold when a recording will be marked as seen
- [add] plex-plugin icon (thanks MegaV0lt)
- [add] mpv-plugin icon (thanks MegaV0lt)
- [add] menu recordings - add exclamation mark icon for folders if last recording is older than XX days.
Create a "recordings_old.cfg" file under PLUGINCONFIGPATH (for example: /etc/vdr/plugins/skinflatplus/recordings_old.cfg)
Each line has the format:
The FOLDERNAME have to be the same name like in the vdr recordings menu.
If last recording in the folder is older than DAYS than the exclamation mark icon will be shown.
There is also a new menu option: MenuItemRecordingDefaultOldDays
This is the default value if You don't want to use recordings_old.cfg.
If MenuItemRecordingDefaultOldDays is 1, the default value is disabled.
[add] svdrp command to remove logo from cache
Use svdrp command "RLFC" to remove a logo from cache. Specify logo filename with extension, but without path.
For example: svdrpsend PLUG skinflatplus RLFC "rtl ii.png"

vdr-convert: vdr-convert released (2 comments)

Added by keynet over 1 year ago

A shell script with associated tools to transcode the content of VDR1.x and VDR2.x recordings as accurately as possible, including all streams, audio, AD, subtitles, and metadata into more compressed format, while maintaining perceived quality. H264 and AAC are the chosen codecs for the main streams. SD recordings are reduced to anywhere from 35% - 90% of original size depending on content and compression settings. On average, you can expect to save 1/3 of the disk space used for SD recordings.

This tool is possibly the only tool capable of converting old VDR1.x recordings into VDR2 compatible .ts files with dvb subtitles playable on VDR2 and 3rd party players such as Kodi, MPC-HC and VLC.

See comprehensive wiki and files in Git repository

vdr-plugin-burn: burn-0.3.0 has been released (4 comments)

Added by FireFly about 2 years ago

This release contains the following enhancments and bugfixes since 0.2.2:

- removed compatibility code of VDR < 2.0 - burn now requires VDR 2.0.0 or higher
- removed test directory
- fixed display of pmtPid (thanks to lhanisch, bug #1285)
- added support for RESDIR: resources are now automatically installed into RESDIR
- added description to README and patch file for mplex to avoid abort if only a few "buffer underruns" are detected (feature #1324)
- prefixed TMPDIR, DVDDEV and ISODIR in Makefile by BURN_ to avoid problems with other plugins
- README updated
- fixed warnings for po files
- fixed gdwrapper warning
- added support for cVideoDirectory of VDR 2.1.2+
- replace requant with m2vrequant (feature #1673 by anonymous)
- added 50-burn.conf for conf.d mechanism
- added support for VDR 2.3.1


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