Release 1.2

Added by amair almost 12 years ago

Changes since release 1.1:

  • New project homepage at and new maintainers.
  • Includes patches 1.2-test1-am1 1.2-test1-am3 by amair @
    - Support new reccmds.conf file as introduced in VDR v1.7.12.
    - Edit lifetime and priority only for PES recordings.
    - include
    - fixed PES cutting using cutting queue (Reported by tomas
    - fixed some gcc warnings and errors (Based on suggestions by Zzam
    - Fixed access to 001.vdr/00001.ts and index.vdr/index (Length in recordings list works again).
    - Adapt cutter thread to VDR v1.7.3.
    - fixed wrong help keys if selected recording finishes cutting.
    - plugins/extrecmenu/dircmds.conf for recording directory commands (same as reccmds.conf)
    - "nice" the action thread.
    - Use LimitBandwidth setting also for cutting.
  • Is based on Version 1.2-test1 (Martin Prochnow's "final" release):
    - added italian translation; thanks to Diego
    - added support for GraphTFT-plugin; thanks to Jörg Wendel for the patch
    - added support for true type fonts and UTF-8; thanks to Andreas Mair for the true type font and the patch
    - removed patch font routine because it is useless now
    - added true type font containing the needed icons
    - changed i18n support to gettext