Text2skin plugin 1.3 released

This is a *developer* version to test the new features. Most of the existing skins should work without changes. Skins that use fonts other than VDR's standard fonts "Osd", "Fix", and "Sml" need to be adapted (see below for details).
Added by TomG almost 11 years ago


- Added Italian language texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto / closes #134)
- Added brougs78-extensions (thanks to Andreas Brugger / references #39)
  - added tokens for the next 3 timers:
    CurrentEventsTitle[123], CurrentEventsStartDateTime[123],
    CurrentEventsStopDateTime[123], CurrentEventsChannelNumber[123],
    CurrentEventsChannelName[123], CurrentEventsIsRecording[123]
  - added audio- and video-tokens:
    PresentLanguageCode, PresentLanguageDescription, PresentVideoAR and
    implemented the missing code for the Language-token
  - added tokens for replay:
    ReplayName, ReplayDateTime, ReplayShortText, ReplayDescription,
    ReplayLanguageCode, ReplayLanguageDescription, ReplayVideoAR
  - additional recording-tokens:
    RecordingVideoAR, RecordingSize
  - added a reset for scrolling text (configurable)
  - added recording-tokens:
    RecordingLength, RecordingCuttedLength
  - added tokens:
    OsdWidth, OsdHeight
  - added the possibility to have a scrollbar in every menu - not fully
    implemented yet (to position in menu-lists is not necessarily correct,
    if there are more items with the same osd-text)
  - added a configuration option for showing the scrollbar in the menus
  - added token TimerConflicts using the service interface of the epgsearch
    plugin "Epgsearch-lastconflictinfo-v1.0" 
  - added a test-feature to search for reruns of a program and add the
    information to the extended epg-info (trigger DEVELOPMENT_FEATURES).
    This uses a service interface of the epgsearch plugin
  - the extended epg-info and the recording-info are extended by AUX-Infos
    there is also an option to strip known tags
  - the tab-widths are scaled for taking into account that different TT-Fonts
    have a different width than the default font from VDR
  - added tokens for signal-info:
    FrontendSTR, FrontendSNR, FrontendHasLock, FrontendHasSignal
  - added token PresentEventID for EPG-images
  - added tokens for recordings:
    RecordingFilename, RecordingPriority, RecordingLifetime
  - set EditableWidth. This is important for plugins like 'rotor' or
- Added chr13-optimizations (thanks to Christian Tusche / closes #39)
  - increased efficiency in drawing list items in the main menu
  - introduce relative Pos and Size of objects to given BasePos, BaseSize
    (used to draw list items)
  - increase skin file version to 1.1
  - the position of list items is interpreted relative to the "list" container
    when file version >= 1.1
  - when a position is specified for "block" elements, the position of all
    contained elements is interpreted relative to the container position
  - selective update of changed objects
    refresh can be controlled for individual objects by the attributes
    "refresh" and "changed" 
    default behaviour is to redraw everything (compatible with old skins)
  - moved state tracking of marquee, blink, scroll from cText2SkinRender
    to cxObject
  - fixed use of Update.Lock() in render.h
  - new: dynamic width/height of objects
  - new: Option "bgColor" used for items "Text", "Marquee", and "Blink".
  - remember period to next timeout when doing a non-timeout refresh
    prevent occasional start/stop of marquee-text
- Corrected text in setup menu (timer-conflicts are now checked with epgsearch)
- Removed unnecessary yes/no texts from cMenuEditBoolItem calls
- Added translators info
- Corrected implementation of ReplayLanguageCode
- Updated FSF address in the license information
- Updated gettext language files
- Removed backward compatibility to VDR < 1.6.0 (closes #137)
- Fixed compile error if ImageMagick has double as Quantum type (closes #140)
- Use pkg-config to find compilation flags, libs etc for Imlib2.
- Fixed crash with FrontendHasLock and FrontendHasSignal (closes #147 -
  thanks to a.g.prosat at for reporting this)
- Replaced asprintf with cString::sprintf in GetFrontend*(), font loading.
- Removed useless code in loader.c
- Replace internal freetype font handling with VDR's font facilities.  Skins
  that use fonts other than VDR's standard "Osd", "Fix", and "Sml" need to be
  adapted to use font names as understood by VDR's CreateFont()
  (Family:Style as of writing this) instead of filenames in their font
  attributes' names, to use '@' instead of ':' as the separator before sizes,
  and have fonts shipped with the skin installed and configured in fontconfig.
  Typically, install font files (if necessary) to a dir somewhere, run
  fc-cache(1) on the dir, replace for example font="SomeFont.ttf:22,85" with
  font="Some Font@22,85" or font="SomeFontBold.ttf:22,85" with
  font="Some Font:Bold@22,85" in the *.skin file.  Also, in case the shipped
  fonts are derivatives of some existing ones, they may need to be properly
  renamed to something so they will be used instead of the original if it
  happens to be installed. (closes #36)
- Compile internal image quantizing code only in Imlib2 builds.
- Add support for building with GraphicsMagick.
- Draw replay progress bar symmetrically
- Adapted to new recording format and variable frame rate (VDR >= 1.7.3 -
  closes #150)
- Updated Italian language texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto / closes #153)
- Fixed resetting of replay information (closes #156)
- Added ReplayMode "audiocd" (thanks to Björn Sturzrehm - closes #138)
- Fixed: Text scroller is not UTF-8 aware (closes #146)
- Fixed width and height of the selected parts of the replay progress bar,
  so that its fully compatible with the replay progress bar of the standard
  skins (closes #158)
- Fixed segmentation fault with token ChannelSource (closes #159 - thanks to
  a.g.prosat at for reporting this)
- Fixed spelling of refresh attribute: "allways" -> "always" 
- Updated documentation to the state of plugin version 1.2 (synchronized with -
  references #142)
- Added documentation of new tokens introduced by brougs78-extensions
  (references #142)
- Added documentation of new attributes introduced by chr13-optimizations
  (references #142)
- Updated
- Completed documentation of new tokens (closes #142)
- Added HD patch with new absolute modes: abs1280x720, abs1920x1080 (thanks to

Thanks a lot to all the contributors and translators!