Version 0.5.0

Added by Martin1234 over 7 years ago

2014-12-04: Version 0.5.0
- [fix] femon receiver - do not get data from previous channel
- [fix] display replay jump text position
- [add] main menu widgets
- there are several widgets that can be displayed in the main menu
- Widget weather
- Widget dvb devices
- Widget active timer
- Widget timer conflicts
- Widget last recordings
- Widget system information
- Widget system updates
- Widget temperatures
- Widget custom command
- please see the example scripts and README-files
- [add] weather widget in channelinfo and replayinfo
- [add] option Weather widget font size
- [add] poster/banner image in replay info
- [add] dimm on pause feature
you can set a timeout and the opaque value. If You press pause while replaying the display will be dimmed after the timeout
- [update] default themes
- background transparency slightly reduced
- use color palette of android material design
- default accent color is "Light Blue"
- add more default themes: DeepOrange, DeepPurple, Indigo, Red, Teal
- [update] icons
- update many icons with android material design icons
- [update] MV-Themes
- see MV_Themes.HISTORY
- [update] display replay, in mode only only show small version
- [update] remove fonts from contrib folder
they waste to much space, if you need them, grab it from previous version
- [update] Makefile
new variable SKINFLATPLUS_WIDGETDIR for specify the path to the widgets