Release 1.2.3

Added by amair over 4 years ago

Changes since release 1.2.2:
  • [amair] Fixed crashes that happened if a skin used the "menu category" feature. (Submitted by The Chief
  • [amair] GoLastReplayed and ReturnToPlugin now work as expected.
  • [amair] Add support for VDR v2.1.2+ (Submitted by TheChief
  • [amair] Fixed "level" for menu items (Patch by TomJoad
  • [amair] Display folders on top of recordings list when using descending sorting.
  • [amair] Display the root video folder again when opening ExtRecMenu (closes #1447).
  • [karim.afifi] Updated French translation.
  • [amair] Fix recording list problems with some recording names.
  • [amair] Set menu category in VDR >= 1.7.28 (Closes #1110).
  • [amair] Close replay OSD before starting cutter so that marks are saved to disk (submitted by mini73
  • [amair] Always use VDR's cutting feature in VDR >=1.7.32.
  • [amair] Reduced calls to get the free disk space.
  • [amair] Use new MBperMinute() function in VDR >=1.7.27.
  • [amair] Fixed compiling with VDR 1.7.28.