Finally burn-0.2.0 has been released !

Added by FireFly about 5 years ago

This release contains the following features and bugfixes since beta7:

- fixed display of help keys in recordings menu when first entry is a directory (reported by )
- added support for DMH Archive DVD with old video dir format (thanks to )
- added support for dvdauthor 0.7.0 by exporting VIDEO_FORMAT


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I'm working on my second campaign. In it, you play as my favorite faction. Drakes! I've completed the first scenario (Just 15 more to go) and I was wondering if anybody would like to give it a try? I could use some help in bug reporting, testing, and of course.
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Added by Sonia about 3 years ago

After I downloaded the 4.1 GB .iso from a mirror, I used MD5 to verify the checksum matched. Since the .iso was ready to burn, I set up my Plextor burner.
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Added by Amywillerton about 3 years ago

I have a new iMac that I can't get to burn a DVD that can be read in our DVD player .I have the videos in iMovie but the iMac doesn't have iDVD.
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Added by safoonmark almost 3 years ago

The best burning software has complex features, settings and output formats. This can be intimidating to new users, so an intuitive interface is essential to balance out a large feature set. The software's menus should be clearly labeled, easy to locate and properly organized.
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Added by amitsagial almost 3 years ago

VDR plugin to create DVDs from SD VDR recordings while being able to manage the creation process completely from inside VDR.
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