Release 1.2.1

Added by amair about 8 years ago

Changes since release 1.2:
  • [amair] Reducing I/O priority for cut/move thread (if VDR >= 1.7.6 is used).
  • [amair] Fixed counting of hidden recordings if PIN plugin is used (Bug #421).
  • [amair] Change default view for recordings menu to match VDR's recordings menu.
  • [amair] "Call plugin after playback" option only changes BACK/EXIT key, BLUE key always jumps to LiveTV (suggested by Brougs78
  • [amair] Ignore comments in dircmds.conf (Submitted by TomG
  • [amair] Updated Spanish translation (See #616).
  • [sibbi] Added ability to configure items that should be shown in recording list.
  • [amair] Merged following changes from v1.3-devel head (Submitted by Joe_D
    - [amair] Lifetime and priority for TS recordings can be edited again.
    - [amair] Use international characters for renaming recordings and creating directories like VDR.
    - [amair] Updated Italian translation (Submitted by Diego Pierotto).
    - [amair] Enable support for PIN plugin if USE_PINPLUGIN is set to "1" in Make.config.
    - [amair] Reorganiced contrib directory.
    - [amair] Fixed compiler warnings and errors.
    - [amair] Optinally use VDR's cutting feature (Submitted by Helmut Auer) (Must be enabled by defining EXTRECMENU_USE_VDR_CUTTER as it has some usability issues).
    - [amair] Added HDD archive feature (Submitted by Carsten Siebholz).
    - [amair] Updated VDRSymbols font to version 20100612.
    - [amair] Included Rating patch (Submitted by Carsten Siebholz).
    - [amair] Remove obsolete i18n files and scripts.
  • [amair] Require at least VDR v1.6.0 or v1.7.14.