vdr-convert: vdr-convert version 2.2 released

Added by keynet 7 days ago

Added --podcast option: podcasts stored in subdirectories, by Title
Podcast audio codec config: Can use (HE)AAC, MP3 or Opus
Extensive embedding of metadata in output files (mainly for podcasts)
Added -g option for genre files to define mapping of VDR's G tag to text

Significant H265 setting updates to reflect recent improvements
Slight H264 compression increase to reflect recent improvements
More extensive checking of ffmpeg build options (codec library checks)
Detect short initial recording files & delete (VPS aborted start)
Various other fixes and improvements, incl. for FTP/redo modes
Fixes for recent ffmpeg versions (3.3+)

VDR Duplicates Plugin: Duplicates plugin 0.2.2

Added by timoesk 11 days ago

Changes in 0.2.2:

  • Updated kNone handling in main menu.
  • Improved duplicate recording copy constructor.
  • Added missing recordings lock release.
  • Simplified toggle hidden.
  • Fixed recordings locking sequence.
  • Check for vanished recorgins in info menu.
  • Added checks for empty lists.

vdr-plugin-text2skin: Text2skin plugin 1.3.4 released

Added by fnu over 1 year ago


- Minor notation correction.
- Refine translations.
- Update HISTORY.
- Make tab width configurable.
- Make MAX_CHARS configurable.
- min from stl to fix build error VDR 2.3.5.
- fix one c++11 compiler warning.
- Detach STRIP from DEBUG flag (thx Tobias Grimm).
- Add VDR API 2.3.1 compatibility for "New token: ChannelServiceReference".
- New token: ChannelServiceReference
- Correct image display using TT6400 high level osd.
- fix compiler error (c++11), in case DEBUG is enabled.
- Purge DEVELOPMENT_FEATURES, permanently enabled with t2s-rerunandtab.diff.
- add VDR API 2.3.1 compatibility for t2s-rerunandtab.diff
- Add compatibility for VDR API >= 2.3.1.


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