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define path structure

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it might be nice to have a mount option like


which defines the wanted directory structure

where G, C and T correspond to the tag characters in *.rec/info
and . is the real directory path (ecxluding the last part)
if a character like X is defined more than once, the file
will appear several times in vdrnfofs
if something like genre code can be translated into text,
it will be translated

so -opath=GT
could show the recording in


#1 Updated by etobi over 8 years ago

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Nice idea, but would it make sense to make this configurable in this way? e.g. T/G wouldn't make much sense. What about just having an option "group_by_genre" (G/T)?

Besides this - it's not trivial to do. Currently vdrnfofs relies on beeing able to map the virtual path back to the real path. This wouldn't be possible anymore so some kind of lookup table for the virtual->real path mappings must be used and it must be able to handle different recordings with the same genre/title.
I don't see a way right now to do this in a bullet-proof way that covers all corner cases.

Maybe using a hash of the real path in the virtual file name would be an option - something like "/Comedy/Monk/Mr._Monk_Makes_a_Friend.hc3b478dm.mpg".

Another issue is, that a simple ls on the root file system would require vdrnfofs to find and parse all info-files, which might make this pretty slow.

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