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I have modified the files attached to expose an XML file that announces the channel list and, in the future, EPG .
I use the file rss.xml with my Samsung TV, I have change a widget to allow viewing via streamdev.
The widget is still an alpha version but it works.
In parallel I want modify the firmware of WDTV-live for use this file rss.xml.

In the hope that "my games" involving someone else send you the changes.

Excuse my English.

Vito <vito dot ammirata at gmail dot com>

connectionHTTP.c.diff Magnifier - diff (1.01 KB) Anonymous, 02/02/2011 07:22 PM

menuHTTP.h.diff Magnifier - diff (698 Bytes) Anonymous, 02/02/2011 07:22 PM

menuHTTP.c.diff Magnifier - diff (2.27 KB) Anonymous, 02/02/2011 07:22 PM

VDR_for_SamsungTV.rar - Widget (215 KB) Anonymous, 02/02/2011 07:22 PM

streamdev-rss.diff Magnifier (5.96 KB) schmirl, 05/03/2011 05:14 PM


#1 Updated by schmirl over 7 years ago

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That's interesting. How is it installed on the TV? And how long does it take to change channels?

Your patches look fine. Just a few questions/suggestions:

  • I'd prefer to not add an other filebase. If you need a list of all channels, wouldn't the filename all.xml instead of rss.xml work, too?
  • Could we use the extension .rss? .xml is very generic. Some future extension might require it.
  • The proposed content type for rss is "application/rss+xml"
  • Are the filename extensions (.ts, .vob, ...) necessary? If not, leave them out. In particular mapping stEXT to .avi probably doesn't apply to most streamdev users.
  • Is there a way to configure the widget from the TV to get rid of the hardcoded IP?
  • Which formats are actually supported? The current path http://IP:3000/file would use the default streaming format for HTTP as configured in the plugin. If the TV works fine with e.g. TS, why not hardcode the TS path?

#2 Updated by evlas about 7 years ago

I answer to your questions.

You can use any filename and any extension.

I entered all formats to ensure the vision even in low band, for example, I have also used streaming over the Internet (1Mbps)

I started to develop a pop-up configuration for the TV widget, but I'm not a programmer and do not yet know javascript. The app works fine with AVI and TS streaming, I would to allow user the choice

#3 Updated by schmirl about 7 years ago


I modified your patches and uploaded a new diff. If it is working that way, I'm going to commit it.

- each HTML file now has its corresponding RSS file. So instead of rss.xml there's now e.g. all.rss, channels.rss and groups.rss
- I dropped the RSS link from the HTML top menu. RSS feed is announced by link tag instead. Maybe the TV is smart enough to follow the link. I'm using a relative URL in the link tag - don't know if this is sufficient. Maybe an absolute link is required.
- changed content-type header to application/rss+xml
- added mandatory elements to RSS channel (title, link and description)
- added encoding attribute
- dropped filename extension from channel links. Hope the TV doesn't rely on it?
- moved channel number to item name. The "num" tag doesn't seem to be standard RSS (extensions require a namespace). Did the TV actually display it?
- dropped item description "EPG"
- linked groups to corresponding RSS. In theory, if you start with groups.rss, you should now get the list of all your channel groups. Enter a group and you should see the group's channels

Please give it a try and tell me which change brakes things for you.

#4 Updated by schmirl almost 7 years ago

Any update on this? Are you still working on it?

#5 Updated by schmirl almost 7 years ago

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#6 Updated by b.m.d over 6 years ago


This patch holds great promise for the owners of a Samsung Smart TV. It could potentially allow viewing live tv streamed from a vdr server without the need for an additional PC connected to the TV set. I have been checking this thread for activity for some time now but sadly the original author seems to have abandoned the idea. His widget and the patches don't seem to work anymore. At least not for me.
In the mean time I have stumbled upon this:,9616.0.html. This is another widget which has been actively developed by its author and which could play, among others, TS streams from the streamdev server plugin. The widget has some major advantages like:
1. The playlist URL isn't hardcoded and could be changed.
2. It could provide additional info for the streams, e.g. EPG.
The major disadvantage in a VDR-streamdev situation is the custom playlist format. I use a script which generates the appropriate playlist from VDR's channels.conf. Also I use vdr-live plugin for the EPG urls.

Here is a snippet of my playlist.

<category_title>HD Video</category_title>
<category_title>SD Video</category_title>
<title>Channel 1</title>
<description><![CDATA[<iframe src="" width="300" height="400"></iframe>]]></description>



Categories are arbitrary but could be vdr channel groups. The best case scenario would be if the streamdev plugin could provide such a playlist. This would eliminate the need to regenerate the playlist each time a change to channel.conf is made and also the need to run a web server to serve the playlist to the widget. The name of the playlist could be anything, because the url is configurable within the widget.

#7 Updated by schmirl over 6 years ago

I just wrote an email to the patch author - maybe he didn't receive update notifications on this topic.

When you tried the widget, which patches did you try? The original patches for connectionHTTP.c/menuHTTP.h/menuHTTP.c still apply to current streamdev. However you probably need to update the server address in the widget.

My patch (streamdev-rss.diff) probably requires some more tuning in the widget or even might not work at all.

The other widget you mentioned looks fine, however I favour a more VDR specific format. Didn't check the other projects license and availability of source code - maybe some things could be re-used.

#8 Updated by b.m.d over 6 years ago

I changed the url in the original widget, however it did not work with both sets of patches.
As far as the widget is concerned, ideally it could provide the same functionality as: [[,8563.0.html]] This is another widget by the same author for a paid iptv platform.
My current setup with the manually generated playlist and using vdr-live for the epg info produces almost the same result. Unfortunately the embedded epg provided by vdr-live is not entirely useful because of the small fonts and the formatting of the page. I tried fiddling with some of the provided vdr-live themes but to no great effect.

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