AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-12Version 2.1.0HEAD2.1.0masterManuel Reimer
2020-08-12Replace Pod::PlainText with Pod::Simple::TextManuel Reimer
2020-05-12Add support for more than one power button deviceManuel Reimer
2019-07-21Version Reimer
2019-07-21Fix Kodi supportManuel Reimer
2019-07-21Version Reimer
2019-07-21Add second device path candidate for power buttonManuel Reimer
2019-07-20Add Kodi supportManuel Reimer
2015-01-09vdrpbd 1.0.0v1.0.0Manuel Reimer
2015-01-09Improved/updated documentationManuel Reimer
2015-01-08Request exclusive access to device to keep X server outManuel Reimer
2013-06-06Updated PKGBUILD to use /usr/binManuel Reimer
2013-04-26Added path to vdrpbd.conf man pagev0.1.0Manuel Reimer
2013-04-26Preparing for version 0.1.0Manuel Reimer
2013-04-26Added vdrpbd.conf template file and man pageManuel Reimer
2013-04-26Made emergency reboot sequence configurableManuel Reimer
2013-04-26Some documentation additionsManuel Reimer
2013-03-27Added .gitignoreManuel Reimer
2013-03-27Initial commitv0.0.1Manuel Reimer