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Improved/updated documentation
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@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ Installation of vdrpbd daemon
vdrpbd is a "self-containing" perl script. In theory no installation
is needed. To simplify the installation process, a simple Makefile has been
-added nonetheless. If you use it, you also get a man page installed, which is
-autogenerated from the POD documentation built into the vdrpbd script.
+added nonetheless. If you use it, you also get man pages installed, which are
+autogenerated from the POD documentation provided with vdrpbd.
To install vdrpbd, type
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ To uninstall, you may use
make uninstall
If you just call "make", then anything, the Makefile does, is to generate the
-man page.
+man pages.
The recommended call to package vdrpbd would be:
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VDR ACPI power button handling daemon (vdrpbd)
-vdrpbd is meant to be used as a replacement to the usually used "acpid", for
-VDR based HTPC systems. As it is developed specially for VDR systems.
+vdrpbd is meant to be used on VDR based HTPC systems as a replacement for the
+usually used "acpid". Its primary task is to forward the hardware power button
+on mainboards to VDR so VDR can initiate a clean shutdown process.
- Faster than acpid with all the required external scripts.