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2020-06-27Fixed the 'else if' branch in cDevice::GetDeviceForTransponder(), which hasn'...HEADV20403masterKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-27Added CRC check of the CAT in cCaPidReceiver::Receive()Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-27Now adding CPPFLAGS to CXXFLAGS to allow extra preprocessor flags to be given...Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-25Adjusted device selection in GetDeviceForTransponder() to that in GetDevice()Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-23Added a comment about the semantics of cTimeMs::Set()Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-23Added support for HEVC-video and AC-4-audioKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-22Fixed a typo in svdrp.cKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-22Made the call to pkg_config configurable via the PKG_CONFIG macro, which is n...Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-22Added optional verbose output to the libsi MakefileKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-22Changed the country code in the generated ParentalRatingDescriptor from 'DEU'...Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-19Added handling shared PMT pids and multiple PMT sectionsKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-16Added support for detecting 'advanced codec digital radio sound service'Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-16Added support for detecting new channels broadcast in HEVCKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-16Added cMtdHandler::StopDecrypting()Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-16Added cMtdCamSlot::TsPostProcess()Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-15Added codes for more languages and special audio tracksKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-15Added failsafe defaults for 'make LCLBLD=1' to the MakefileKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-12Revised 'Fixed a possible deadlock when detaching a receiver from a device' f...Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-10Fixed memory handling in cString::Append()Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-10Added a device hook for detecting whether a device provides EIT dataKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-10Fixed the size of cChannel::dtypes[]Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-10Fixed credits for Winfried KöhlerKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-03Added a missing '-D' to the 'plugins' target of the MakefileKlaus Schmidinger
2020-05-18Fixed a possible crash in case replay is started and stopped in rapid sequenceV20402Klaus Schmidinger
2020-05-15The isSingleByte parameter in the call to getCharacterTable() is deprecated a...Klaus Schmidinger
2020-05-15Modified setting system and override character tablesKlaus Schmidinger
2020-05-14Fixed handling multi part ExtendedEventDescriptors where only the first part ...Klaus Schmidinger
2020-05-11Added the language code for BulgarianKlaus Schmidinger
2020-05-07Fixed dropping capabilities in case cap_sys_time is not availableKlaus Schmidinger
2020-05-05The SVDRP command DELC now also accepts a channel idKlaus Schmidinger
2020-05-04Fixed compatibility with current versions of glibcKlaus Schmidinger
2020-05-04Now retuning if the received transponder's SDT doesn't contain the expected v...Klaus Schmidinger
2020-04-11Fixed moving channels between number groups in SVDRP's MOVC command and the C...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-06-16Official release of version 2.4.1V20401stable/2.4Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-31Fixed handling the S2SatelliteDeliverySystemDescriptor for transponders broad...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-29If cSkins::Message() is called from a background thread and Type is not mtSta...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-29Fixed a wrong variable name in cFileName::cFileName()Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-28Fixed inconsistent behavior in case only certain devices are used (selected b...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-27Increased PLAYERBUFSIZE to (MAXFRAMESIZE * 5) to avoid stuttering replay unde...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-24The default maximum size of a cPixmap has been raised to the maximum possible...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-23Fixed asserting free disk space in case there is no local timer currently rec...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-20Added a workaround for broadcasters who set an event to status "not running" ...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-13Fixed handling repeat function for keyboardsKlaus Schmidinger
2019-05-07Fixed a compiler warning in cIndexFile::ConvertToPes() and added __attribute_...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-06Fixed handling remote timers in case the response to LSTT is '550 No timers d...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-06Fixed a possible invalid lock sequence if the main menu is open and the user ...Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-06Fixed a compiler warning and a possible buffer overflow in cCiMMI::SendAnswer()Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-06Fixed a compiler warning in ExchangeChars()Klaus Schmidinger
2019-05-05Fixed updating the checksum in the CA table after mapping EMM PIDs for MTDKlaus Schmidinger
2019-05-05Fixed mapping SIDs in MTDKlaus Schmidinger