BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFixed a possible 'invalid lock sequence' when switching to an unavailable cha...Klaus Schmidinger3 days
stable/1.0Removed compiler option '-m486'Klaus Schmidinger18 years
stable/1.2Final release of version 1.2.6Klaus Schmidinger17 years
stable/1.4Official release of version 1.4.7Klaus Schmidinger13 years
stable/1.6Fixed cRecordings::DelByName() to avoid compilation errors with gcc 4.4 (back...Klaus Schmidinger8 years
stable/2.0Adjusted release dateKlaus Schmidinger5 years
stable/2.2Official release of version 2.2.0Klaus Schmidinger5 years
stable/2.4Official release of version 2.4.1Klaus Schmidinger13 months
V20403vdr-20403.tar.gz  vdr-20403.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger3 weeks
V20402vdr-20402.tar.gz  vdr-20402.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger8 weeks
V20401vdr-20401.tar.gz  vdr-20401.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger13 months
V20400vdr-20400.tar.gz  vdr-20400.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger2 years
V20309vdr-20309.tar.gz  vdr-20309.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger2 years
V20308vdr-20308.tar.gz  vdr-20308.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger3 years
V20307vdr-20307.tar.gz  vdr-20307.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger3 years
V20306vdr-20306.tar.gz  vdr-20306.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger3 years
V20305vdr-20305.tar.gz  vdr-20305.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger3 years
V20304vdr-20304.tar.gz  vdr-20304.tar.bz2  Klaus Schmidinger3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysFixed a possible 'invalid lock sequence' when switching to an unavailable cha...HEADmasterKlaus Schmidinger
6 daysImplemented handling multi packet CATs with MTDKlaus Schmidinger
2020-07-01Fixed handling inactive shared CA pidsKlaus Schmidinger
2020-07-01Now setting currentDisplayChannel = NULL before calling cStatus::MsgOsdClear(...Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-29Improved deleting plugins in case the plugin uses its own memory managementKlaus Schmidinger
2020-06-27Fixed the 'else if' branch in cDevice::GetDeviceForTransponder(), which hasn'...V20403Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-27Added CRC check of the CAT in cCaPidReceiver::Receive()Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-27Now adding CPPFLAGS to CXXFLAGS to allow extra preprocessor flags to be given...Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-25Adjusted device selection in GetDeviceForTransponder() to that in GetDevice()Klaus Schmidinger
2020-06-23Added a comment about the semantics of cTimeMs::Set()Klaus Schmidinger