AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-02Make DIRECTBLIT default to get rid of deprecated GetBitmap.HEADmasterFrank Neumann
2017-06-15Update HISTORY.Frank Neumann
2017-06-06drop Q macro, if needed "Q=@" should preferably given within package build.Frank Neumann
2017-06-04Change Makefile inspired by VDR 2.3.6 new style.Frank Neumann
2017-06-04Drop legacy code prior VDR 2.2.0.Frank Neumann
2017-06-03Tweaking "Try fix deprecated readder_r".Frank Neumann
2017-06-02Correct typo from "try fix deprecated readdir_r".Frank Neumann
2017-06-01Change Makefile inspired by VDR's new style.Frank Neumann
2017-06-01try fix deprecated readdir_r.Frank Neumann
2017-05-30Improve fix for c++11 compiler warning.Frank Neumann
2017-05-29Bump version to 1.3.4+git.Frank Neumann
2017-05-29Release 1.3.4v1.3.4Frank Neumann
2017-05-26Minor notation correction.Frank Neumann
2017-05-26Refine translations.Frank Neumann
2017-05-26Update HISTORY.Frank Neumann
2017-05-26Update HISTORY.Frank Neumann
2017-05-26Make tab width configurable.Frank Neumann
2017-05-26Make MAX_CHARS configurable.Frank Neumann
2017-05-25min from stl to fix build error VDR 2.3.5.Frank Neumann
2017-05-24fix one c++11 compiler warning.Frank Neumann
2017-05-24Detach STRIP from DEBUG flag (thx Tobias Grimm).Frank Neumann
2017-05-23Add VDR API 2.3.1 compatibility for "New token: ChannelServiceReference".Frank Neumann
2017-05-23New token: ChannelServiceReferenceTuomas Jormola
2017-05-23Correct image display using TT6400 high level osd.Gerald Raaf
2017-05-22fix compiler error (c++11), in case DEBUG is enabled.Frank Neumann
2017-05-22Purge DEVELOPMENT_FEATURES, permanently enabled with t2s-rerunandtab.diff.Frank Neumann
2017-05-21add VDR API 2.3.1 compatibility for t2s-rerunandtab.diffFrank Neumann
2017-05-21Add compatibility for VDR API >= 2.3.1.Frank Neumann
2017-05-21Bump version to 1.3.3+git.Frank Neumann
2017-05-21Release 1.3.3.v1.3.3Frank Neumann
2017-05-21Commit text2skin-vdr2.1.2compat.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-21Commit text2skin-signal.patch (thx Neumann
2017-05-21Commit static-std-string.diff (thx mini73)Frank Neumann
2017-05-21Commit status_c.diff (thx gda)Frank Neumann
2017-05-21Commit common_c.diff (thx winni)Frank Neumann
2017-05-21Commit t2s_rerunandtab.diff (thx Neumann
2013-05-04Added DiskUsageTomas Saxer
2012-06-04Comment typo fix.Ville Skyttä
2012-04-04Fix build with VDR 1.7.27.Ville Skyttä
2012-03-28Make overloaded-virtual an error in default CXXFLAGS.Ville Skyttä
2012-03-28Convert to Unix linefeeds.Ville Skyttä
2012-03-28Trim trailing whitespace.Ville Skyttä
2011-11-20Use empty() instead of size() to check container emptiness.Ville Skyttä
2011-11-08Document VideoSizeWidth and VideoSizeHeight.Ville Skyttä
2011-11-08new token support for: - UsedDiskSpace - TotalDiskSpace - VideoSizeWidth - Vi...NemoN
2011-11-06Fix "le" example in docs (#465).Thomas Oeding
2011-11-06Bump version to 1.3.2+git.Ville Skyttä
2011-11-06Release 1.3.2.v1.3.2Ville Skyttä
2011-11-06Don't show aux infos XML if no search timer name was found.Ville Skyttä
2011-11-05Check asprintf() return value.Ville Skyttä