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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-24set OMX clock pre-roll to 250ms for live TV (transfer mode)Thomas Reufer
2016-05-19implement proper handling of display and pixel aspect ratiosThomas Reufer
2016-04-23re-enable advanced deinterlacer for SD streams, requires recent firmwareThomas Reufer
2016-04-23don't ignore audio frames for slow trick speeds to keep clock in syncThomas Reufer
2016-04-04send proper end of sequence packet after playing single video frameThomas Reufer
2016-02-26added proper GPL header to every source file (suggested by Tobias Grimm)Thomas Reufer
2016-01-06ignore pts from erroneous packets to avoid pts jumps on broken streamsThomas Reufer
2015-12-10report pixel aspect ratioThomas Reufer
2015-11-20add option for dual display usage, see READMEThomas Reufer
2015-10-07added plugin options to specify video and osd layersThomas Reufer
2015-08-14reworked video frame format handlingThomas Reufer
2015-08-14print audio PTS wrap around in debug modeThomas Reufer
2015-06-22fixed stream reset in HandleBufferStall() and StillPicture()Thomas Reufer
2015-06-22treat zero as valid PTS valueThomas Reufer
2015-05-22set field sync when output interlaced material at interlaced display modeThomas Reufer
2015-04-29skip audio packets when replaying non-radio recordings in trick modesThomas Reufer
2015-04-29prevent writing of incomplete video framesThomas Reufer
2015-04-29fixed polling for video buffersThomas Reufer
2015-04-29do proper stream restart after buffer stallThomas Reufer
2015-04-27fixed displaying of current position when changing replay speedThomas Reufer
2015-04-26fixed PTS wrap aroundThomas Reufer
2015-04-25code clean upThomas Reufer
2015-04-25simplified video stream startThomas Reufer
2015-04-21always stop video decoder on SetPlayMode(pmNone)Thomas Reufer
2015-04-21don't change clock speed when flushingThomas Reufer
2015-04-15reworked clock stretching in live mode based on buffer usageThomas Reufer
2015-04-03avoid double flushing of audio renderThomas Reufer
2015-03-22reset reference time after flushThomas Reufer
2015-03-21removed unnecessary codeThomas Reufer
2015-02-27changed trace level for stream start messages to debugThomas Reufer
2015-02-27fixed OMX clock start on still picture and stream startThomas Reufer
2015-02-03trace speed changes in live mode only when debuggingThomas Reufer
2015-01-17reworked omxdevice and improved clock stretching for transfer modeThomas Reufer
2014-12-23modified cOmxDevice::StillPicture() to accept raw MPEG dataThomas Reufer
2014-11-14moved audio parser mutex back to Parse() method to improve performanceThomas Reufer
2014-11-14move initial video mode setup to plugin start and update OSD after mode changesThomas Reufer
2014-11-14increased latency target for live mode to 500msThomas Reufer
2014-10-06add setup options to control video mode and its behaviour on stream changesThomas Reufer
2014-10-06introduce HDMI mode settings and move display handling to cRpiDisplayThomas Reufer
2014-10-06introduce OMX stream start callbackThomas Reufer
2014-09-28skip non-video packets in StillPicture(), fixes artifacts in PES recordingsThomas Reufer
2014-09-28skip audio substream header for PES recordings with AC3 audio trackThomas Reufer
2014-09-26avoid flushing OMX video chain twice when calling SetPlayMode(pmNone)Thomas Reufer
2014-09-02skip packets with invalid payload offset in PlayVideo() and PlayAudio()Thomas Reufer
2014-09-02play multiple video PES packets sequentially in StillPicture()Thomas Reufer
2014-06-15add setup option for video framing mode in case of incompatible aspect ratioThomas Reufer
2014-06-15reworked setup parameter handlingThomas Reufer
2014-04-24add prefix to plugin specific class namesThomas Reufer
2014-03-24report valid VideoAspect if video is stopped (reported by Rolf Ahrenberg)Thomas Reufer
2014-03-24fixed buffer stall after StillPicture()Thomas Reufer