AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-07-15Removed old HarmonyFM web scripts.HEADmasterUlrich Eckhardt
2018-07-15Improved CRC check.Ulrich Eckhardt
- The CRC check uses now the lenght of the RDS Frame, this improves decoding specially on HarmonyFM. - Code splits and code cleanups. - Remove currently unused Traffic decoder.
2018-05-27Split radioaudio.hUlrich Eckhardt
Move classes into corresponding header files.
2018-05-27Split radio.cUlrich Eckhardt
Move classes in file radio.c into separate files.
2018-05-27Split radioaudio.cUlrich Eckhardt
Move classes in file radioaudio.c into own files.
2018-02-26Update script for Rock AntenneUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-23Bump to Eckhardt
2018-02-22Add audio bitrate to new service interfaceUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-20Update trigger for service by Jörg WendelUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-19Update descriptionUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-19Code formattingUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-19Enhancements for osd2web by Jörg WendelUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-19Fix indentiationUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-18Updated *.po file after makeUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-18Use std::string fro new service interfaceUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-18Add new service identifier RadioTextService-v1.1Ulrich Eckhardt
2018-02-18Convert *.po to UTF-8Ulrich Eckhardt
2018-02-18Add entries to ignore eclipse settingsUlrich Eckhardt
2018-02-18Bugfixes from Jörg WendelUlrich Eckhardt
This bugfix contains also a change to the radio text service
2017-05-12Fix permissionsUlrich Eckhardt
2017-05-12Add GIT Version informationUlrich Eckhardt
2017-05-12Fix compileproblem on VDR2.2.0Ulrich Eckhardt
2017-04-23Fix compiler warningsUlrich Eckhardt
2017-04-23Compiles with VDR 2.3.x1.0.1Ulrich Eckhardt
2017-04-23Add gitignoreUlrich Eckhardt
2017-04-23Import of original Radio Plugin Eckhardt