AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-07make compatible with vdr 2.3.1HEADv2015-11-07masterLars Hanisch
2014-01-11increase versionv2014-01-11Lars Hanisch
2014-01-11remove FirstChannelSwitch workaround, isn't needed anymoreLars Hanisch
2014-01-08put cUdev into a namespace, same code is used by dynamitev2014-01-07Lars Hanisch
2014-01-07use udev to find related radio deviceLars Hanisch
2014-01-07use udev to find related vbi deviceLars Hanisch
2014-01-07override GetCurrentlyTunedTransponder, IsTunedToTransponder and MaySwitchTran...Lars Hanisch
2014-01-07use new PKGCONFIG style from vdr 2.1.3Lars Hanisch
2013-02-24rename old channels.conf exampleLars Hanisch
2013-01-23adjust Makefile to vdr 1.7.36v2013-01-23Lars Hanisch
2012-12-28adjust Makefile to vdr 1.7.33, add new Makefile for vdr 1.7.34Lars Hanisch
2012-12-25adjust Makefile to vdr 1.7.34, old Makefile has been renamed to Makefile-1.6Lars Hanisch
2012-12-01update HISTORY and version numberv2012-12-01Lars Hanisch
2012-12-01use radiofd for control the radio deviceLars Hanisch
2012-06-28remove reference to videodev.h from READMELars Hanisch
2012-04-25correct some file modesv2012-04-25Lars Hanisch
2012-04-25include vdr/device.h for compiling with vdr 1.6Lars Hanisch
2011-09-17update HISTORYLars Hanisch
2011-08-18add SignalStrength method of vdr 1.7.20Lars Hanisch
2011-02-12remove videodev.h and other unneeded headersLars Hanisch
2011-02-12correct an error in device initialization if vdr is patched for dynamite but ...Lars Hanisch
2011-02-02add udev-filter for "video4linux /dev/video" if the dynamite-plugin is presentLars Hanisch
2011-01-20patch to work with the dynamite-pluginLars Hanisch
2010-12-04use cString::sprintf instead of standard sprintfLars Hanisch
2010-11-17fix format stringLars Hanisch
2010-09-01integrated refactoring of teletext handling by wirbelLars Hanisch
2010-09-01increase version for next release and updated HISTORYLars Hanisch
2010-08-25update HISTORY fileLars Hanisch
2010-08-25add VPS line to vbi packetLars Hanisch
2010-08-21increase continuity counter before _every_ teletext packetLars Hanisch
2010-08-20activate WSS service and insert wss bits into vbi-packetsLars Hanisch
2010-08-20replace constants with identifiersLars Hanisch
2010-08-20remove commented SetVBIMode, the new place is the right oneLars Hanisch
2010-08-19don't send PCR packet with SCR from vbi packetsLars Hanisch
2010-08-19bugfix in teletext handlingLars Hanisch
2010-08-18add PES header and line offsets to teletext packetsLars Hanisch
2010-08-15exchange constants with identifiers from videodev2.hLars Hanisch
2010-08-15increase version for work on teletext branchLars Hanisch
2010-08-15update of HISTORY fileLars Hanisch
2010-08-15Merge remote branch 'osd/rb_osd_submenues'Lars Hanisch
2010-08-12update of TODO and HISTORY filesLars Hanisch
2010-08-12Merge branch 'reader-with-select'Lars Hanisch
2010-07-26Set some of the parameters immediatelyRainer Blickle
2010-07-22Fix bug when editing parametersroot
2010-07-22Merge commit 'openRepo/rb_osd_submenues' into rb_osd_submenuesRainer Blickle
2010-07-22Most parameters for the devices will only be set if device is downroot
2010-07-22only the OK-Button stores the parametersRainer Blickle
2010-07-19Change handling of back-key in submenues and change VersionRainer Blickle
2010-07-19add italian translations, adjust Readme and OK-handlingRainer Blickle
2010-07-14Insert corrected locale filesRainer Blickle