AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-13Added compatibility for VDR >= 2.3.1HEADmasterJochen Dolze
2016-09-25Added patch from feature #1625, thanks to MegaV0ltJochen Dolze
2016-09-25Fixed typo from last commitJochen Dolze
2016-09-25Added patch from Bug #2374 - Thanks to Markus and koenJochen Dolze
2016-09-25Added new/updated logos: ServusTV, Pro7MAXX, EinsPlusJochen Dolze
2015-10-16Added Disney-HD logo from MegaV0lt, thanks!Jochen Dolze
2015-09-26Added missing files from last commit ;)Jochen Dolze
2015-09-26Ignore DolbyDigital detection when logo comment contains D instead of CJochen Dolze
2014-09-02Added #ifdefs for AV_CODEC_IDs, should fix bug #1898Jochen Dolze
2014-04-21Fixed format error in Disney channel logoJochen Dolze
2014-04-21Added logos from SIXX HD, Disney Channel HD (thanks to MegaV0lt)Jochen Dolze
2014-02-18New logo for AXN-Action, DisneyChannel. New logo for ATVHD, SuperRTLHD (thank...Jochen Dolze
2013-11-15Added new logo for SuperRTLHD from MegaV0lt, closes #1562Jochen Dolze
2013-10-13Reverted changes in streaminfo.cpp from 2012-09-29 (should fix #1108)Jochen Dolze
2013-10-13Added version handling to plugin and command MakefileJochen Dolze
2013-10-13Fixed error in MakefileJochen Dolze
2013-10-13Added revision number to version (closes #1361)Jochen Dolze
2013-10-11Changed logo for ATVJochen Dolze
2013-10-11New logos from satellit #1098, seahawk1986 #1375, MegaV0lt #1450 + #1418Jochen Dolze
2013-10-11Changed makefile, closes Feature #1443Jochen Dolze
2013-07-15Added support for ffmpeg 2.0Jochen Dolze
2013-06-29Updated logo for PULS4Jochen Dolze
2013-04-04Added option to disable markadJochen Dolze
2013-01-02Fixed bug with --astopoffs (option doesnt worked)Jochen Dolze
2012-12-23Fixed bug in status.cppJochen Dolze
2012-12-16Fixed IsTunedToTransponder compile errorJochen Dolze
2012-12-11Changed recognition of timer/channel in function LogoExists()Jochen Dolze
2012-11-15Added new kabeleinsHD logoJochen Dolze
2012-11-09Fixed bug which suppressed assumed end markJochen Dolze
2012-11-07Added more debug infoJochen Dolze
2012-11-07Added cmdline option astopoffs to adjust assumed stop markJochen Dolze
2012-11-01Improved overlap detection for HD recordingsJochen Dolze
2012-11-01Added ORF1HD logoJochen Dolze
2012-11-01Reverted pretimer detection changesJochen Dolze
2012-10-15Fixed demux abort when stream error bit is set (reported by satellit)Jochen Dolze
2012-10-14Added recognition of epgsearch line in infoJochen Dolze
2012-10-06Only save marks file when marks are changing (found by hondansx)Jochen Dolze
2012-09-29Fixed bug in demuxerJochen Dolze
2012-09-29Small changes on plugin makefileJochen Dolze
2012-09-28Added speedup for decoding H264/H262Jochen Dolze
2012-09-28Added LDFLAGS to makefileJochen Dolze
2012-09-27Added diff for man page (contributed by marco) - closes #1071Jochen Dolze
2012-09-23A few code cleanupsJochen Dolze
2012-09-19Added vertical border detection for HDTVJochen Dolze
2012-09-18Added new DMAX logoJochen Dolze
2012-09-12New version 0.1.4v0.1.4Jochen Dolze
2012-09-11Added manual page (from marco, resolves #975)Jochen Dolze
2012-09-10Re-added logo for E4+1 from oldmanukJochen Dolze
2012-09-10Code cleanupsJochen Dolze
2012-09-10Changed log output for some messagesJochen Dolze