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2008-08-06italian translation updaterelease/0.2.xChristian Wieninger
2008-08-06- italian translation fix and TRANSLATORS message regarding "mm/dd/yyyy"Christian Wieninger
2008-08-05Fixed a bug reported by Matthias Kortstiege about edit_timers notDieter Hametner
2008-08-05italian translation update by Diego PierottoChristian Wieninger
2008-04-18Changed responsibilities in the about box.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-07finnish translation update, thanks to Rolf AhrenbergChristian Wieninger
2008-02-26Added streaming button in channnel selection page.Dieter Hametner
2008-02-25Added new image for timer conflict notification.Dieter Hametner
2008-02-24Added functionality to display timer conflicts when polled through theDieter Hametner
2008-02-21Reverted to trVDR in timerconflicts.ecpp due to fast fix change to 'tr'Dieter Hametner
2008-02-21Merge commit 'origin/master'Dieter Hametner
2008-02-21First implementation of a notification about timer conflicts in LIVE.Dieter Hametner
2008-02-19Made live compilable with VDR version pre 1.5.7.Dieter Hametner
2008-02-17display of "no timer conflicts"Christian Wieninger
2008-02-17moved timer conflicts from main menu to timers menuChristian Wieninger
2008-02-16first version with timer conflictsChristian Wieninger
2008-01-25- tadi's updateChristian Wieninger
2008-01-15- removed pot-creation date and changed language teamChristian Wieninger
2008-01-15- removed redundant entriesChristian Wieninger
2008-01-15Merge commit 'tadi/master'Christian Wieninger
2008-01-15- added translation team to header againChristian Wieninger
2008-01-13A little bit of cleanup in epg_events.[h|cpp] after the last changes.Dieter Hametner
2008-01-13- code for collecting and displaying EPG events in 'What's on' is now separatedChristian Wieninger
2008-01-10- translation fixesChristian Wieninger
2008-01-09Merge commit 'tadi/master'Christian Wieninger
2008-01-09- first try with favoritesChristian Wieninger
2008-01-07Applied finish translation update patch from Rolf Ahrenberg.Dieter Hametner
2008-01-04- Regenerated generated-i18n.h due to the italian translations commitedDieter Hametner
2008-01-04- italian translation, thanks to Diego from http://vdr-italia.phpbb24.comChristian Wieninger
2007-12-25- Presence of IMDb URLs is now configurable. Closes bug #401.Dieter Hametner
2007-12-23- Changed mode of live.pot creation. Should prevent .po file conflictsDieter Hametner
2007-12-22- Almost full featured javascript controlling interface for the vlc window.Dieter Hametner
2007-12-21- Yet an other update of finish translations from Rolf Ahrenberg.Dieter Hametner
2007-12-19- Added option to select streamdev stream type in live setings.Dieter Hametner
2007-12-19- Fixed encoding problems introduced through an graphical mergeDieter Hametner
2007-12-18- IMDB link for recordings too. Fixes Bug #420Dieter Hametner
2007-12-18- Added a patch from Rolf Ahrenberg:Dieter Hametner
2007-12-17- Added tooltip for timer status. Closed Bug #396.Dieter Hametner
2007-12-16- Adapted Rolf Ahrenbergs patch for VLC streaming to current LIVEDieter Hametner
2007-10-25- additional timer info in popup menu in timers menuChristian Wieninger
2007-10-21- replaced '-F' with '--no-location' to avoid line numbers in po filesChristian Wieninger
2007-10-19# 397,398,400Christian Wieninger
2007-10-19- fixed #399Christian Wieninger
2007-10-19- added 'ignore missing EPG info' introduced in epgsearch-0.9.23Christian Wieninger
2007-09-19- fix translations in vdr-1.5.9Christian Wieninger
2007-08-19- First attempt to implement a backward compatible scheme of the newDieter Hametner