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2017-05-20Include file re-orderingJasmin Jessich
2017-05-20gcc-6 fixesJasmin Jessich
2015-02-13Only VDR versions which have an APIVERSION greater than 10729 are supported f...Dieter Hametner
2012-12-26Adds support for the newly introduced ResourceDirectory.Dieter Hametner
2011-02-11Canonicalized the config directory.Rolf Ahrenberg
2010-04-11Removed CVS specific tag, because it modifies the file at cvs checkin and co...cvs-commit-369Dieter Hametner
2009-09-07new user management within setup that also handles different user rightsChristian Wieninger
2007-09-17- Moved images from compiled in image dir to data dir 'img'.Dieter Hametner
2007-08-19- First attempt to implement a backward compatible scheme of the newDieter Hametner
2007-05-25- about box, first summitSascha Volkenandt
2007-04-26Added OSD configThomas Keil
2007-01-18- added status monitor to reload timers when a recording starts or stopsSascha Volkenandt
2007-01-16- rewritten task manager to make it more generalSascha Volkenandt
2007-01-13- added service to switch channels by channel-idSascha Volkenandt
2007-01-05- removed obsolete interfacing codeSascha Volkenandt
2007-01-05- added method to update internal timers from main threadSascha Volkenandt
2007-01-05- moved initialization of configDirectory to Plugin::Start()Sascha Volkenandt
2007-01-04- removed thread-unsafe call of cPlugin::ConfigDirectory and replaced it with...Sascha Volkenandt
2007-01-04- optimized interface to access plugin objects from websiteSascha Volkenandt
2007-01-03- renamed Setup::Get() to LiveSetup()Sascha Volkenandt
2007-01-03- added internationalizationSascha Volkenandt
2007-01-02- updated plugin-descriptionSascha Volkenandt
2007-01-02- added options -i and -p to specify port and (possibly multiple) ip(s)Sascha Volkenandt
2007-01-02- initial checkinSascha Volkenandt