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2012-12-26Fixed table colors for orange-blue theme in multischedule as suggested in tic...Dieter Hametner
2011-02-18Added audio and subtitles buttons into the remote control.Rolf Ahrenberg
2011-02-10Enabled YADIF deinterlacing automatically for VLC-1.1.x.Rolf Ahrenberg
2011-01-25Applied patch supplied by user iNOB in the post:Dieter Hametner
2009-08-27VLC 1.0 does not support the (debug) log object any longer: removed code refe...cvs-commit-363Dieter Hametner
2008-06-21Use the previous commited functionality to stream recordings.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-20Updated screenshot functionality on the LIVE homepage for the nextcvs-commit-355Dieter Hametner
2008-04-18Added different button for streaming to browser and playback on tv.cvs-commit-354Dieter Hametner
2008-03-23Some clean up in the timer editing call.Dieter Hametner
2008-03-12Made similar css adaptions for the about box like previous ones for theDieter Hametner
2008-03-12Cleanup of css style for epg info with and without ajax enabled.Dieter Hametner
2008-03-12Test to generalize the styles for epg infos. They work now in non ajaxDieter Hametner
2008-02-26Fixed appearance of the negative status feedback box, which is used when ajaxDieter Hametner
2008-02-25Added new image for timer conflict notification.Dieter Hametner
2008-02-24Added functionality to display timer conflicts when polled through theDieter Hametner
2008-02-24Pagemenu is an ID of the corresponding div now. There is only oneDieter Hametner
2008-02-16first version with timer conflictsChristian Wieninger
2007-12-25- Presence of IMDb URLs is now configurable. Closes bug #401.Dieter Hametner
2007-12-22Forgot vlc.jsDieter Hametner
2007-12-22- Almost full featured javascript controlling interface for the vlc window.Dieter Hametner
2007-12-18- IMDB link for recordings too. Fixes Bug #420Dieter Hametner
2007-12-16- Adapted Rolf Ahrenbergs patch for VLC streaming to current LIVEDieter Hametner
2007-10-17- Added patch from zirias for background color settings. SeeDieter Hametner
2007-09-17- Moved images from compiled in image dir to data dir 'img'.Dieter Hametner
2007-08-03- support for Datepicker controlChristian Wieninger
2007-08-03- style sheets for Datepicker.jsChristian Wieninger
2007-08-03- Datepicker controlChristian Wieninger
2007-08-01- Updated mootools config to include Json for the upcomeing Datepicker.Dieter Hametner
2007-08-01- configured minimal currently needed version of mootools.Dieter Hametner
2007-07-29- Made vdr ajax requests work also via a static page. This is forDieter Hametner
2007-07-24- Updated veltliner theme with changes from Ulf Kiener.Dieter Hametner
2007-07-22- Tool icons in epg popup windows.Dieter Hametner
2007-07-21- Introducing explicit pageenhance javascript class. See Changelog andDieter Hametner
2007-07-20- Made epg images better stylable. Moved epg image info into spanDieter Hametner
2007-07-20- Make AJAX work when no 'epgImages' path has been specified.Dieter Hametner
2007-07-19- Updated orange blue theme to the new tips and infowin.Dieter Hametner
2007-07-16- Remove not needed DOM elements, after a infowin ajax response.Dieter Hametner
2007-07-12- Update to the mootools framework.Dieter Hametner
2007-06-22- directory restructuration regarding static content.Dieter Hametner