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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-10Fix compilation with gcc 7.1.0Jasmin Jessich
2017-06-07Makefile updateJasmin Jessich
2017-06-07Fixed all undefined preprocessor variablesJasmin Jessich
2017-06-06Makefile updateJasmin Jessich
2017-05-25Improve Makefile printingJasmin Jessich
2017-05-24Fixed Makefile to build also from VDR directoryJasmin Jessich
2017-05-22Fixed Makefile to run with parallel jobsJasmin Jessich
2017-05-21Removed "-Wall"; this should come from vdr/Make.configJasmin Jessich
2017-05-21Use "std::unique_ptr" instead of "std::auto_ptr"Jasmin Jessich
2017-05-20More Makefile adaptationsJasmin Jessich
2017-05-18Patched with osd-patch.txtJasmin Jessich
2017-05-18Fixed defining I18Npot_depsJasmin Jessich
2017-05-18Makefile enhancementsJasmin Jessich
2016-05-26Fix PKGCFG.Rolf Ahrenberg
2015-02-13Clean also in subdirs.Dieter Hametner
2015-02-13Dropped i18n support for VDR versions earlier than 1.5.7.Dieter Hametner
2015-02-10Drop support for old tntnet versions: Removed support to read a tntnet config...Dieter Hametner
2015-02-10Remove included old 'tntnet' sources.Dieter Hametner
2015-02-09Change to VDR 2.x compatible Makefiles. This terminates theDieter Hametner
2013-02-23Fix listener bug triggered by never versions of cxxtools reported in bug #1066Dieter Hametner
2013-02-23Fixed the 'dist' target of the Makefiles.Dieter Hametner
2011-03-10Renamed FEATURES to PLUGINFEATURES in Makefiles.Rolf Ahrenberg
2011-02-21Added support for HAVE_LIBPCRECPP.Rolf Ahrenberg
2011-02-20Modified Makefile to support older versions of pcre libraries (e.g.Dieter Hametner
2011-02-18Added Perl compatible regular expression filtering into the recordings menu.Rolf Ahrenberg
2011-02-10Silenced compilation warnings related to internals of TNTNET library.Rolf Ahrenberg
2011-01-02fix for tntnet-2.0 (different bool handling)Christian Wieninger
2010-06-20Reaction to a patch sent by Jan Willies for an other problem withcvs-commit-370Dieter Hametner
2010-04-04compile with driver sources different from kernel headersChristian Wieninger
2010-03-09include introduced in vdr-1.7.13Christian Wieninger
2009-09-07new user management within setup that also handles different user rightsChristian Wieninger
2009-08-26Fix for tntnet version number with 'pre' in the version string.cvs-commit-362Dieter Hametner
2008-11-19new setup option to display channels without EPGChristian Wieninger
2008-06-20Changed the definition of tntversion in the LIVE source files.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-20Changed CXXFLAGS to ommit well known but anoying warnings when compilingDieter Hametner
2008-04-07translation of the live summary displayed in VDR's setupChristian Wieninger
2008-02-21timer conflict implementation moved to timerconflict.cpp/hChristian Wieninger
2008-01-25- tadi's updateChristian Wieninger
2008-01-15- Makefile change regarding --omit-header seems to be ok, so again undo ;)Christian Wieninger
2008-01-15- reversed change to avoid conflictsChristian Wieninger
2008-01-04- A change in the TNTVERS7 detection shell command does not use bashDieter Hametner
2008-01-04- Require /bin/bash as SHELL in top level makefile.Dieter Hametner
2007-12-23- Changed mode of live.pot creation. Should prevent .po file conflictsDieter Hametner
2007-12-17- Added tooltip for timer status. Closed Bug #396.Dieter Hametner
2007-12-17- Removed not needed channels.ecpp file for security reasons as it didDieter Hametner
2007-12-17- Fixed compilation error for TNTNET Version 1.6.1Dieter Hametner
2007-12-02- fixed a typoChristian Wieninger
2007-12-01- Backwards compatible update to support Tntnet Version Hametner
2007-10-21- renamed recordings.h/cpp to recman.h/cpp. Preparations forDieter Hametner
2007-10-21- replaced '-F' with '--no-location' to avoid line numbers in po filesChristian Wieninger