AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-08-06italian translation updaterelease/0.2.xChristian Wieninger
2008-08-06- italian translation fix and TRANSLATORS message regarding "mm/dd/yyyy"Christian Wieninger
2008-08-05Updated the i18n-generated.h with the italian translations.Dieter Hametner
2008-08-05Fixed a bug reported by Matthias Kortstiege about edit_timers notDieter Hametner
2008-08-05Changed log level from default INFO to WARN. This gives less verboseDieter Hametner
2008-08-05italian translation update by Diego PierottoChristian Wieninger
2008-06-03Added 'i18n.h' include in pages/recordings.ecpp to support backwardDieter Hametner
2008-05-02show disk usage and free space in table headerChristian Wieninger
2008-04-30Changed version number to 0.2.0release_0-2-0cvs-commit-358Dieter Hametner
2008-04-29Fixed some html entities to be not dependend on the codepage of theDieter Hametner
2008-04-29Merge commit 'winni/master'Dieter Hametner
2008-04-29Finalized translation of the live 0.2.0 website to english.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-27finnish translation update by Rolf AhrenbergChristian Wieninger
2008-04-26Almost complete translation to english of the homepage for LIVE 0.2.0.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-22Added credits for the contributor of the SSL listener patch.cvs-commit-356Dieter Hametner
2008-04-22Applied SSL listener patch submitted through bug report #457.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-22Language negotiation according to browser language setting.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-20Updated screenshot functionality on the LIVE homepage for the nextcvs-commit-355Dieter Hametner
2008-04-20Changed CXXFLAGS to ommit well known but anoying warnings when compilingDieter Hametner
2008-04-18Changed responsibilities in the about box.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-18Fixed bottom row style classes in list view of what's on.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-18Fixed an additional 2px padding error in the infobox caption.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-18Added different button for streaming to browser and playback on tv.cvs-commit-354Dieter Hametner
2008-04-17Fixed recomended Epgsearch version.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-16Added dynamic screenshot functionality.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-15First draft of updated Web-Page for the LIVE 0.2.0 release.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-10Commented out some debugging log statements to not clutter syslog withcvs-commit-353Dieter Hametner
2008-04-10Whitespace change only.Dieter Hametner
2008-04-08display length of recordings (#451)Christian Wieninger
2008-04-07required streamdev version: "none" to "?"Christian Wieninger
2008-04-07Br├╝ckner-fix ;)Christian Wieninger
2008-04-07finnish translation update, thanks to Rolf AhrenbergChristian Wieninger
2008-04-07translation of the live summary displayed in VDR's setupChristian Wieninger
2008-04-06fix for ibox update problemChristian Wieninger
2008-03-24fixes for new timer identification methodChristian Wieninger
2008-03-23Some clean up in the timer editing call.Dieter Hametner
2008-03-22Merge branch 'master' into develDieter Hametner
2008-03-22Merge commit 'tadi/master'cvs-commit-348Christian Wieninger
2008-03-22fix for problems with old compilersChristian Wieninger
2008-03-21An other attempt to fix operator>> for tChannelID.Dieter Hametner
2008-03-21Merge commit 'winni/master'Dieter Hametner
2008-03-20fix for #357 and #410Christian Wieninger
2008-03-12Whitespace changes only. Made file better suited to automaticDieter Hametner
2008-03-12Whitespace changes only. Adapted indentation to be usable with automaticDieter Hametner
2008-03-12Made similar css adaptions for the about box like previous ones for theDieter Hametner
2008-03-12Cleanup of css style for epg info with and without ajax enabled.Dieter Hametner
2008-03-12Test to generalize the styles for epg infos. They work now in non ajaxDieter Hametner
2008-03-05Merge commit 'winni/master' into develDieter Hametner
2008-02-28removed throw in timer conflict check if epgsearch is too oldChristian Wieninger
2008-02-28changes for new service interface version in epgsearchChristian Wieninger