AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-05Fixed compatibility with VDR 2.0.4.HEADmasterThomas Maass
2014-01-05Fixed editing of recordings.Thomas Maass
2013-11-11Added original recmenu replacement.Thomas Maass
2013-11-05Fixed patch for git version of skinnopacity.Thomas Maass
2013-11-05Added optional patch for VDR 2.0.4.Thomas Maass
2013-11-05Fixed compatibility with VDR 2.0.4.Thomas Maass
2013-10-28Release 0.0.1.Thomas Maass
2013-10-28Updated README.Thomas Maass
2013-10-28Updated German translationsThomas Maass
2013-10-27Updated German translation.Thomas Maass
2013-10-27Replaced helper key play with commands.Thomas Maass
2013-10-26Brought back support for VDR 2.0.x.Thomas Maass
2013-10-26Updated patch for skinnopacity.Thomas Maass
2013-10-21Updated README.Thomas Maass
2013-10-21Added shellscript to archive an recording.Thomas Maass
2013-10-21Removed archive functions from cMyMenuRecordingItem.Thomas Maass
2013-09-22Added VDR patches to integrate hddarchive plugin into VDRs recmenu.Thomas Maass
2013-09-22Initial commit.Thomas Maass