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2017-01-29using mutex in cGraphLCDDisplay::SetBrightnessLucian Muresan
2012-10-27Inactivity brightness also in replay modemrwastl
2012-03-25removed unnecessary 'include i18n.h' which causes problems with vdr >= 1.7.27mrwastl
2011-10-29new tokens: {ActualDevice}, {SignalStrength}, {SignalQuality}, {SupportsSigna...mrwastl
2011-10-26improved syslog messages (more consistent)mrwastl
2011-10-01support added for audio track selection / audio channel display (new tokens: ...mrwastl
2011-09-21support up to 4 displays; cExtData now able to bind data to a certain display...mrwastl
2011-09-17cExtData is now a singleton class, thus its content survives a DISCONN/CONNEC...mrwastl
2011-09-07CONNECT/DISCONNect feature added (contrib. by superelchi); stability fixes wh...mrwastl
2011-05-19set data via SVDRP and make these available to the skin-enginemrwastl
2011-05-12clear screen when closing down pluginmrwastl
2011-05-03added extended SVDRP patch (issue 488)mrwastl
2011-05-01initial upload to branch 'touchcol'. modifications for compatibility with bra...mrwastl
2010-06-27draw an 'X' if skin couldn't be loaded0.2.0mrwastl
2010-06-18new class for external services (service informations from other plugins: def...mrwastl
2010-05-15call newly introduced NeedsUp() for smooth image looping and text scrolling; ...mrwastl
2010-05-04changing of brightness; external service informations from plugins radiotext ...mrwastl
2010-05-04initial git upload, based on graphlcd-0.2.0-pre2mrwastl
2010-02-28changed FRAMESPERSEC to DEFAULTFRAMESPERSECOND (vdr-1.7.x)andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28added UTF8 support (vdr-graphlcd-0.1.5-utf8_i18n.diff)andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-21initial git upload, based on graphlcd-0.1.5andreas 'randy' weinberger