AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-06-27draw an 'X' if skin couldn't be loaded0.2.0mrwastl
2010-06-18new class for external services (service informations from other plugins: def...mrwastl
2010-05-15call newly introduced NeedsUp() for smooth image looping and text scrolling; ...mrwastl
2010-05-10added missing out-of-bounds paranoia checkmrwastl
2010-05-09Merge branches '0.2.0', '0.2.0', '0.2.0' and '0.2.0' of git://projects.vdr-de...mrwastl
2010-05-09plugin should now be working for both non-UTF8 and UTF8 versions of VDR; VDR ...mrwastl
2010-05-09VDR < 1.5.x: small workaround for displaying month/day-names in configures la...mrwastl
2010-05-08use character set of VDR. if not configured: return default onemrwastl
2010-05-04ported DEFAULTFRAMESPERSECOND-patch from 0.1.x to 0.2.0mrwastl
2010-05-04changing of brightness; external service informations from plugins radiotext ...mrwastl
2010-05-04initial git upload, based on graphlcd-0.2.0-pre2mrwastl
2010-03-02version 'randy' weinberger
2010-03-02history for 0.1.16andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-03-02increased version number to 0.1.6andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-03-02modified for vdr-1.7.13andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28fixed typo (missing space)andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28added -L./graphlcd-base/glcddrivers/ & glcdgraphics/ if graphlcd-base is not ...andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28changed FRAMESPERSEC to DEFAULTFRAMESPERSECOND (vdr-1.7.x)andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28added po files for UTF8 patchandreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28added include path graphlcd-base/andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-28added UTF8 support (vdr-graphlcd-0.1.5-utf8_i18n.diff)andreas 'randy' weinberger
2010-02-21initial git upload, based on graphlcd-0.1.5andreas 'randy' weinberger