AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-10Version 1.0.1HEAD1.0.1masterManuel Reimer
2018-11-09Improved trim functionManuel Reimer
2018-04-08Version Reimer
2017-01-29adapted to vdr >= 2.3.1Lucian Muresan
2017-01-29using mutex in cGraphLCDDisplay::SetBrightnessLucian Muresan
2016-10-21Merge branch 'master' into touchcolAndreas Regel
2013-01-27ensure -fPIC for old vdr versions, minor enhancements for make docs / make un...mrwastl
2013-01-25Makefile: should now be compliant with 'new style make' and old vdr versions ...mrwastl
2013-01-21disallow inclusion of Make.config when VDR >= 1.7.33mrwastl
2013-01-20consider that both VDRDIR and PLGCFG can be emptymrwastl
2013-01-09added plugincflags for evaluation from some vdr.pc versions (thanks mrwastl f...Lucian Muresan
2013-01-09Makefile tuned to be more robust when building against older VDR, like 1.4.7Lucian Muresan
2013-01-07graphlcd Makefile for vdr >= 1.7.34Lucian Muresan
2012-10-27Inactivity brightness also in replay modemrwastl
2012-09-13plugin.c: vdr >= 1.7.30 API-change: ConfigDirectory() -> ResourceDirectory();...mrwastl
2012-03-27external services: fixed a bug that has been introduced in a former update an...mrwastl
2012-03-25removed unnecessary 'include i18n.h' which causes problems with vdr >= 1.7.27mrwastl
2012-03-11added support for >= VDR 1.7.26 (modified API)mrwastl
2012-03-11Improve accuracy of {MenuTextScroll} (req. for scrolling of multiline {MenuTe...mrwastl
2011-11-08use logos from master branchmrwastl
2011-10-29new tokens: {ActualDevice}, {SignalStrength}, {SignalQuality}, {SupportsSigna...mrwastl
2011-10-26improved syslog messages (more consistent)mrwastl
2011-10-15skinconfig.c: don't crash when replay.control is NULL; plugin.c: beauty fixmrwastl
2011-10-07changes for SVDRP-commands 'SET', 'UNSET', and 'GET'. 'SETEXP' removedmrwastl
2011-10-04fixed wrong recordinglength with vdr-1.7.x (thx to copperhead for pointing ou...mrwastl
2011-10-02bug fixes in replaymrwastl small bug fix (audio channel)mrwastl added audio channel to audio track selectionmrwastl
2011-10-01support added for audio track selection / audio channel display (new tokens: ...mrwastl
2011-09-28updated default skin, should be applicable to most displays and scale fairly ...mrwastl
2011-09-23fixed retrieval of configDir; fixed a typo in a help informationmrwastl
2011-09-21support up to 4 displays; cExtData now able to bind data to a certain display...mrwastl
2011-09-17cExtData is now a singleton class, thus its content survives a DISCONN/CONNEC...mrwastl
2011-09-10svdr CONNECT: reactivate plugin if it was deactivated because of invalid disp...mrwastl
2011-09-07CONNECT/DISCONNect feature added (contrib. by superelchi); stability fixes wh...mrwastl
2011-07-30increase plugin version to 0.3.0 (+no longer w/ postfix)mrwastl
2011-07-09added support for plugin 'span'mrwastl
2011-06-27paranoia mode for strcmpmrwastl
2011-06-16bug fix: change order of translation-stuff for descriptionmrwastl
2011-06-14changes in i18n-stuff, added italian (from HEAD), cleanup / removed or deacti...mrwastl
2011-06-13beauty patch (include i18n.h only when needed), change plugin id-stringmrwastl
2011-06-11add more ways to tell the plugin that femon-plugin is okmrwastl
2011-06-11initialise stringsmrwastl
2011-06-11added additional string checks to avoid crashes when starting because of race...mrwastl
2011-06-09beauty fix: use strtoul instead of strtol for uint32_tmrwastl
2011-06-06support for additional external service 'mailbox' (MailBox-1.0) added, contri...mrwastl
2011-06-04additional token 'IsUTF8'mrwastl
2011-05-29bug fixes: problems with colour tokens fixedmrwastl
2011-05-29added new tokens ForegroundColor / BackgroundColormrwastl
2011-05-24updated to reflect recent changesmrwastl