AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-21Compile again under VDR < 2.3.1.HEADmasterAndreas Mair
2015-09-20Compile under VDR 2.3.1.Andreas Mair
2014-08-20Updated for release 1.2.4.v1.2.4Andreas Mair
2014-08-20Reduced delay when opening the recordings menu if "menu category" feature is ...Andreas Mair
2014-08-08Fixed compiling with VDR < 1.7.34. (Closes #1893)Andreas Mair
2014-08-05Updated.v1.2.3Andreas Mair
2014-08-05Updated for release 1.2.3.Andreas Mair
2014-05-06Fixed crashes that happened if a skin used the "menu category" feature. (Subm...Andreas Mair
2013-11-14GoLastReplayed and ReturnToPlugin now work as expected.Andreas Mair
2013-10-22Add support for VDR v2.1.2+ (Submitted by TheChief Mair
2013-10-22Fixed "level" for menu items (Patch by TomJoad Mair
2013-10-21Display folders on top of recordings list when using descending sorting.Andreas Mair
2013-10-21Display the root video folder again when opening ExtRecMenu (closes #1447)Andreas Mair
2013-05-03Fix recording list problems with some recording names.Andreas Mair
2013-05-02Optionally use SetMenuItem() so that skins can display the recordings menu th...Andreas Mair
2013-05-02Don't calculate dir size twice.Andreas Mair
2013-04-19Reworked cPluginExtrecmenu::Service() again because "Id" has to be checked ev...Andreas Mair
2013-04-19cPluginExtrecmenu::Service must only return true if it successfully handles a...Andreas Mair
2013-04-08Set menu category in VDR >= 1.7.28 (Closes #1110).Andreas Mair
2012-12-21Updated.Andreas Mair
2012-12-21Force calculating of free video space after navigating into a new folder or d...Andreas Mair
2012-12-21Fixed calculating free video space.Andreas Mair
2012-12-07Close replay OSD before starting cutter so that marks are saved to disk (subm...Andreas Mair
2012-12-07Always use VDR's cutting feature in VDR >=1.7.32.Andreas Mair
2012-06-17Updated.Andreas Mair
2012-06-17Reduced calls to get the free disk space.Andreas Mair
2012-06-17Use new MBperMinute() function in VDR >=1.7.27.Andreas Mair
2012-06-06Fixed compiling with VDR 1.7.28.Andreas Mair
2012-04-29Updated for release 1.2.2.v1.2.2Andreas Mair
2012-04-24Updated Italian translation (Submitted by Gringo) (Closes #673).Andreas Mair
2012-04-24Don't show recordings menu if replay is stopped using kStop (Closes #934).Andreas Mair
2012-04-24Accept kPlay to start replay in recordings menu (Closes #936).Andreas Mair
2011-10-03Don't use deprecated member access (introduced in VDR 1.7.21).Andreas Mair
2011-10-03Changed UniqID() (Fixes #728).Andreas Mair
2011-04-18Fix prio/lifetime editing for TS recordings for VDR 1.7.18+.Andreas Mair
2011-04-15"Call plugin after playback" option now is used also if a recording has been ...v1.2.1Andreas Mair
2011-04-14Updated for v1.2.1 release.Andreas Mair
2011-04-14Enable VDR cutter by using "EXTRECMENU_USE_VDR_CUTTER = 1" in Make.config.Andreas Mair
2011-04-14Reducing I/O priority for cut/move thread (if VDR >= 1.7.6 is used).Andreas Mair
2011-04-14Don't use the VDR cutter by default as it has some usability issues.Andreas Mair
2011-04-12Don't close ExtRecMenu setup menu if "Items to show in recording list" submen...Andreas Mair
2011-04-12- Fixed counting of hidden recordings if PIN plugin is used (Closes #421).Andreas Mair
2011-04-12Fix using the VDR cutter.Andreas Mair
2011-04-09Change default view for recordings menu to match VDR's recordings menu.Andreas Mair
2011-04-09"Call plugin after playback" option only changes BACK/EXIT key, BLUE key alwa...Andreas Mair
2011-04-02Ignore comments in dircmds.conf (Submitted by TomG Mair
2011-04-02Updated (closes #616).Andreas Mair
2011-04-02Fixed reading the column alignment setting (Reported by Brougs78 @vdr-portal....Andreas Mair
2011-03-19Updated Spanish translation (Submitted by hotzenplotz5 Mair