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2019-12-02Show device again in conflictcheck (revises 770de32f)Johann Friedrichs
2019-04-11Fix possible format overflow and avoid compiler warningJohann Friedrichs
2018-03-21unified indentationJohann Friedrichs
2017-07-11Add conflict check for remote timers.Johann Friedrichs
2017-05-120003-more-cleanups.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-07Drop legacy code prior VDR 2.3.xFrank Neumann
2017-05-07Drop legacy code prior VDR 2.0.0Frank Neumann
2017-05-07Commit 0003-revert-now-obsolete-pointer-params.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-01Add compatibility for VDR 2.3.2+ (thx kamel5, mini73 & TomJoad)Frank Neumann
2013-03-23set menu category to mcTimerEdit in conflict menus, thx to seahawk1986 for hi...Christian Wieninger
2013-02-23- 1.0.1.beta3Christian Wieninger
2012-09-10now setting the menu category introduced in vdr-1.7.28 (bug tracker #1059)Christian Wieninger
2012-05-071.0.1.beta1Christian Wieninger
2012-05-01bugtracker #954, epgsearch valgrind warnings, thanks to Joe_DChristian Wieninger
2012-04-06bugtracker #929, bunch of warning fixes, thanks to Joe_D for providing this p...Christian Wieninger
2012-03-14show percentage of possible recording in conflict details menuChristian Wieninger
2011-11-17Use preincrement to advance iteratorsVille Skyttä
2011-11-07Tell Emacs our sources are C++ despite the file extensions.Ville Skyttä
2011-09-22Delete trailing whitespace, thanks to Ville Skyttä for patchesChristian Wieninger
2011-01-13fixes for new conflict check handlingChristian Wieninger
2011-01-12conflict check now works on a copy of timers to prevent a crash when timers a...Christian Wieninger
2010-01-07updated the copyright notice 2009 -> 2010Christian Wieninger
2009-01-29new search timer action 'announce and switch', headers adjusted to 2009Christian Wieninger
2008-03-23updated copyright info for 2008Christian Wieninger
2008-03-050.9.24.beta22, %timer.modreason%, no mail when only eventid has changedChristian Wieninger
2008-02-20replaced asprintf with cString::sprintf and a wrapper functionChristian Wieninger
2008-01-07- translation issuesChristian Wieninger
2007-11-11Initial commitChristian Wieninger