AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-16avoid erase of iterator inside of a loopvdr-2.2.xJohann Friedrichs
2017-05-25Change shell in docsrc2*.sh to /bin/bash, suggested by Neumann
2017-05-25Create man pages only once.Jasmin Jessich
2017-05-08commit epgsearch-inactive-records-v1.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-07fix messed up codeline from last commit.Frank Neumann
2017-05-07Lock to VDR version 2.2.0.Frank Neumann
2017-05-07some code correctionsFrank Neumann
2017-05-07Drop legacy code prior VDR 2.2.0Frank Neumann
2017-05-07Drop legacy code prior VDR 2.0.0Frank Neumann
2017-05-07Drop legacy code prior VDR 1.6.0Frank Neumann
2017-05-02Commit menu_category_recsdone.diff (thx Neumann
2017-05-01push plugin version to 2.2.0, to spot VDR 2.2.0 stable compatibilityv2.2.0Frank Neumann
2017-05-01push version to 1.0.2, even number for stable vdr-2.2.x branch.Frank Neumann
2015-07-15Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://gandalf/srv/git/epgsearchChristian Wieninger
2015-07-15fix for bug #2214Christian Wieninger
2014-12-27removed warningChristian Wieninger
2014-12-27Makefile changes for vdr 2.1.3Christian Wieninger
2014-12-27api change in VideoDirectoryChristian Wieninger
2014-03-16enable usage of $(PLGCFG) (#1762)Christian Wieninger
2014-01-11Use %m instead of %a in sscanf formatsVille Skyttä
2013-09-01fix for pin patchChristian Wieninger
2013-08-17detect grapftft*ng* in autoconfChristian Wieninger
2013-04-18label favorites menu for graphtft with 'MenuEpgsFavorites'Christian Wieninger
2013-04-14fix summary comparison when checking for repeats (was ML 'Epgsearch mysteries')Christian Wieninger
2013-03-29README link fix - again :(Christian Wieninger
2013-03-29Install createcatsVille Skyttä
2013-03-29install-conf: Create the conf.d dir.Ville Skyttä
2013-03-29fixed same issue as before in other search functionsChristian Wieninger
2013-03-29fix crash in service Epgsearch-searchresults-v1.0 when query is too longChristian Wieninger
2013-03-25Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://gandalf/srv/git/epgsearchChristian Wieninger
2013-03-25fixed evaluation of extended epg variables in expressionsChristian Wieninger
2013-03-25fixed extracting the version from epgsearch.c in MakefileChristian Wieninger
2013-03-24fixed symbol link of README in the gitChristian Wieninger
2013-03-23set menu category to mcTimerEdit in conflict menus, thx to seahawk1986 for hi...Christian Wieninger
2013-03-19use correct menu category in directory selection menu, thx to louis for provi...Christian Wieninger
2013-03-13new Makefile styleChristian Wieninger
2013-02-23- 1.0.1.beta3Christian Wieninger
2013-02-09fixed english documentation regarding SVDRP portChristian Wieninger
2013-02-09patch from louis ( Wieninger
2013-01-27introduced an optional namespace 'epg.' for extended EPG variables to disting...Christian Wieninger
2013-01-23fixed a memory leak, thanks to Sundararaj Reel for the patchChristian Wieninger
2013-01-14implement device bonding in timer conflict checker, thanks to Joachim Wilke f...Christian Wieninger
2013-01-07fixed some g++ 4.6.3 compiler warningsChristian Wieninger
2013-01-03special item separator class to handle SetMenuItem for separatorsChristian Wieninger
2013-01-02changed mcSetup to mcSetupPluginsChristian Wieninger
2013-01-02- use of new menu categories introduced in vdr-1.7.33/34Christian Wieninger
2012-12-20- changed some warning typesChristian Wieninger
2012-12-08support for vdr-1.7.33, thanks for a patch provided by Wolfgang RohdewaldChristian Wieninger
2012-12-08UTF-8 conversion/fixesVille Skyttä
2012-12-08Spelling fixesVille Skyttä